Friday, December 31, 2010

vintage-inspired calendars for 2011.

did you get your 2011 calendar yet?
i did some deeper digging around the web and found some that i liked.
i thought i'd share some of my faves.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

work party.

this month i left a really great company since i will be teaching full time.
we had our annual holiday party a few weeks ago.
it was nice to get to have fun with all my coworkers before i left :)
i will miss them! and i will especially miss my clients!
will was a good sport :)
rachel & manny
tracy, me and rachel
 theresa and tracy
 theresa is so sweet!
 i scored with my secret santa gift, a cookbook and tea towels...thanks angel!
 kelly and i - we went to grad school together
 kyle is the best!
good times :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

2 year anniversary trip!

so, 10.10.10 was our 2 year anniversary.
now that it's 2 and a half months later,
i thought i better get around to posting some photos.
we took a fun roadtrip to san francisco!
+being with my husband 24/7 [he is truly the best!]
+ window shopping
+ trains, trolleys, and TONS of walking
+ we stayed at a "literary-themed" hotel
+ ice cream cones for lunch
+ saw she & him and broken social scene play at the treasure island music festival
+ saw interpol play at the fox theater
+ hung out with one of will's best friends who lives in SF now
+ vintage shopping (bought the best sequin shirt)
+ breakfast at foreign cinema
+ 3-story anthropologie
+ relaxing and eating a lot!
+ we took LOTS of photos...

see our slideshow below for more :)

diy paper medallions

wow, these paper medallions are right up my alley.
i think i would make these into a pretty garland,
 and find a permanent home for them somewhere in our apartment.
they look like a lot of work, but they're gorgeous!

it would definitely be worth it to buy this scoring board,
and i would make sure to get a lot of use out of it.
thank you again martha.

Friday, December 24, 2010


i couldn't help it but take some photos of christmas stuff around our apartment.

some of my favorite ornaments...
my homemade wreath. made from:
two .99 store faux wreaths stuck together,
a faux velvet bow from the .99 store,
gold berry picks from the .99 store,
burgundy berry picks from target,
and leftover peacock feathers from my wedding.

this fun vintage elf was only 50 CENTS :)
i LOVE wrapping presents.
and i LOVE giving gifts!
how rad is my random giant stocking?
i guess you can't tell, but it's huge!
3 bucks at an estate sale.
our first married christmas we made homemade stockings...
but it was time for an update, so i got these cozy cable knit ones.
i think my homemade decorations are my fave.
i already blogged them...more photos here.

i better get baking! MERRY CHRISTMAS :)