Friday, July 30, 2010

no thank you.

i don't think i could drink out of a thousand dollar lens, even if it is a fake.
it's just not right!

photojojo, you're so fun.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

roald dahl.

photo from my trip to china.

i accidentally left one of my most favorite books on the plane to china a few years ago.
it didn't work to try to talk to lost & found when we got there.
(no one speaks english in china!!)
so i finally ordered it online again.
i am so excited that this is shipping today:

read it! and tell me if you like it!
i love his short stories.
they are not for children.
they are eerie and spooky at the end and i just love it.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

karaoke night.

for no reason at all we planned a fun night of thai food and karaoke at plush in irvine.

karaoke = reason # 323,091,129 why i love japan.

we have about a billion amazing photos so let me try to choose my favorites to share...

next post will be about our adventures at comic con.
basically me taking photos with a variety of awesomely costumed nerds.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


i got these little guys at a thrift store for 6 dollars.
i wasn't in love with the wood, just a little too cabin-like.
there was nothing on the back to hang it on the wall with.
it had a hole on the top of each of the long ends, maybe for candlesticks.

so i used dark brown acrylic paint.
it was way too matte, so i added glossy mod podge.
now it's too glossy, but oh well.
i added some hooks on the bottom to hang our keys from.
i also added some hanging wire to the back of it.

aren't they are just so sweet and forresty?


1) vintage wall-hanging

2) acrylic paint

3) 3 or so screw-in hooks

4) picture hanger hook for the back


1) thoroughly wipe down your wall-hanging
    to remove any dust. i used a baby wipe.

2) tape any areas you do not want painted.
    i taped over the felt eyes of my owls.

3) paint your wall-hanging. if it needs a second
    coat, let dry thoroughly in between.

4) after it dries, screw in your key hooks along the bottom.

5) attach a picture hanger hook to the back.
    this method will depend on your material.
    another idea is to hang it up by tying yarn or string to it,
    or using a staple gun to create a hook.
    whatever works for you!


today i must have been inspired to do some drive-by thrifting because i found these vintage tv trays for a buck each!!!

pretty soon i can go on hoarders.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

vacation time!

we're going to comic con in san diego, all access!
we leave tomorrow morning and we'll be back sunday night.

we're not worthy.
we're not nearly nerdy enough.

my new dresser.

it's green, vintage, and only cost me $15 bucks.

a winner all around!

i filled it up with craft stuff. not organized yet but it still helped my closet to breathe a little easier.

cowboy + cowgirl love.

see, i told you we love all things western!

our friend jason (jason wallis photography)
asked us to model for a photo for orange coast magazine.
i was so excited to dress western!
you can't see my burgundy cowgirl boots but just know that they're there.
will wore a western shirt and we were set.

check us out in the latest orange coast magazine.
you can see our picture a lot bigger in the mag.
it's the issue with the hamburger on the cover. yum!

Monday, July 19, 2010

all in a weekend.

wow. this weekend was intense. intensely awesome.
can you believe i packed this all in?

+major thrifting with nicole...
i got a green vintage dresser (bonus: inside were some knitting needles)
plus i found some fun clothes and house things
+inception....loved what it did to my brain
+oishi sushi with the hubby
+dr. mario tournament
+learning to use my new iphone
+mod podging
+got a tan at the beach while the boys surfed
+sutha thai with friends
+super fun karaoke night
+yogurt land
+saw she & him perform,
and also the swell season, the awesome musicians from this brilliant film:


it was quite nice to have the weekend off from shooting weddings.
i have some killer karaoke pics to share!
i'll get to those when i am a little more caught up on editing.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

good morning.

this song makes me feel like i am driving in my car on my way to somewhere awesome.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

i love ep.

i had some photos done for my photography website
(well, i'm still building the site, but that's just my blog for now)
by the rockstars lyndzee & roger of

check out the photos on their blog....

love them.

of course my makeup & hair were done by my favorite:
like the pretty headband i'm wearing?
thought so.
you can snag yourself one at ladyvintique. handmade by lyndzee herself.

i am off to shoot a wedding! happy saturday folks!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

what to make for fourth of july...

i love holidays especially because i love the chance to bake!

here's what i want to make this weekend:
or maybe martha stewart's strawberry meringue buttercream frosting
i just can't decide.

check out the red, white & blue desserts from martha stewart. this trifle looks amazing!

i'm looking forward to hitting up the strawberry stand today!

what are you making this weekend?
what are your favorite summer treats to make?
please share recipes!!

happy independence weekend!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

but i'm not tired.

today was a happy day.

+took my niece & nephew swimming.

+booked my first 2011 wedding.

+played skeeball at chuck e cheese.

+staying up late to hang out with this guy: