Monday, September 29, 2008


today was crazy!
i went to work and got rained on,
then went to mitsuwa, ate yummy japanese food,
and bought 20 boxes of pocky and 20 boxes of mochi for the wedding!
i got to use my japanese (sumimasen)!
the calbee i wanted won't be in until tomorrow so i'll go back next week,
but this sweet lady totally hooked me up with ice boxes and ice,
to pack the mochi for the drive home to my freezer.
i get really sentimental when i pass by the JTB counter at mitsuwa.

i just found my october nylon magazine in a big box of mail in the dining room,
and who is staring at me off the cover but zooey deschanel herself, phew.
i think i'll save the reading for aruuuubaaaa,
along with my few hundred books will's parents have been storing for me.

i stopped over at savers tonight,
 and saw the most AMAZING 60s vintage couch i wanted to die for,
was ready to buy and then this dude saw me sitting on it and was like
"my mother in law just bought that couch, is it comfy?"
i asked how much she paid, and when he said 20 bucks, my heart hurt!
i tried bribing them but to no avail.
she apparently chose it over any couch from pottery barn and i can't blame her.

on an awesome note........

last week i had the pleasure of photographing CSS...(i wish they were this hot in real life)

and tomorrow i will be photographing MSTRKRFT!

i'll post some of my photos when i get the chance.

PS for those of you who received our wedding invitation,
 you need to get your lil RSVP-lagging booties over to

Friday, September 26, 2008


elvis!? karaoke.
and of course, i had to sing my theme song.
we danced.
we deliberated.

we sang the yeah yeah yeahs.
"whatta man" was dedicated to will.
who brought the coke? wooh yeah!
what were we singing here?
then we ordered 2 giant pizookies. how did i forget to photograph them?
my friends are pretty.
pretty and fun!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


so i got a job photographing an event with DAN AYKROYD at the house of blues in anaheim, fun huh??? i couldn't help but sneak into a few photos at the end.

check out these beautiful crystal skulls!
dan autographed one of them for us as well as our very own copy of ghostbusters! he was a very nice guy and the guests really enjoyed the event.
i had a lot of fun and will was my assistant! thank you uyen for hiring me!

boots and dresses and 60's tunes

last summer will and i went to see m. ward in los angeles.
in the bathroom i saw a girl who i had to compliment in my head because of her rad outfit -
if you know me you know how i just love vintage boots and dresses.
anyway she turned up on stage singing "you really got a hold on me"
and other beautiful nostalgic tunes alongside m. ward - her voice is AMAZING.
i yearned for a recording of them but couldn't find a thing,
and finally just stumbled on this video a few months ago!
please notice all her cute boots and dresses throughout the video. so dreamy!!!
the album just came out earlier this year and i really love the artwork!
i seriously love the 60s.

Monday, September 22, 2008

what happened in august.

what a fun, unique and beautiful affair! what a beautiful lady!!!

ORANGE INTERNATIONAL STREET FAIR!!!!! we parked at the apartments we will be living at and rode our bikes 5 min to the fair!!! love this area.

SUNSET JUNCTION - BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE one of my most favorite bands of all time!! also menomena and cold war kids played. we ate hamburgers next to the singer of wolfmother and cody became best friends with one of the dudes from that 70's show.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

invitations / engagement photos

so last night will and i sat and put together half of our wedding invitations (DIY, or DIO rather). we decided to stop at 10:30 to watch seinfeld....and it was the episode where george is about to get married! they had a month left til the wedding just like we do! and they were putting together their invations just like we were! and they had 200 guests too! hahahaha it is a great sign. we haven't licked our envelopes yet though....i have no idea about the glue quality.

here are some of our engagement photos shot by the AMAZING amelia and justin lyon!!!! we love them very much! (the photos, and the photographers) you can see more of the photos HERE on their blog. of course, my hair and makeup was done by the brilliant nicole deanne.