Saturday, November 24, 2012


we just got back from vacation.
we spent about a week in utah visiting family.
we had a great time!
and it was cold! see...
thanksgiving was wonderful.
it's good to be home though.
lots of catching up to do,
and i am so ready to get my christmas decorations out!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


violet's first birthday party was yesterday.
it was a neon-themed unicorn party.
it was so much fun!
here's a little snapshot my friend emailed me.
i will share more when i have time,
but i have weddings & portrait sessions to edit first.

this week we are off to utah for thanksgiving.
for the record, we are born & raised californians.
but my parents moved to utah last year.
can't wait to spend time with the fam!
too bad i have to grade a huge stack of papers on the trip.
i've been putting them off for too long.
we're excited for a vacation nonetheless!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


i didn't realize how emotional i would feel,
seeing my little baby girl turn one.
so many special memories of this time last year,
of her sweet birth and bringing her into our home.
i keep thinking about how she will never be this little again.

she is truly a gift from heaven.

here are her one year photos!
she is wearing her baby blessing dress. still fits!
i just added a sequin collar to spice it up.

daddy & baby...

and mama & baby...

and i couldn't resist stripping her down for a few shots...

some fun facts about violet at one year:

+ loves to "talk" on the phone

+ she makes animal sounds! dog, cat & horse

+ she is a very picky eater, despite all my efforts

+ extremely stubborn, strong-willed & independent

+ always on the go!

+ loves music, airplanes, animals & being outdoors

+ always learning new words
(she somehow learned "poopoo")

it's so amazing to me that being a mother
has turned out to be one of the greatest blessings in my life.
yes it's a lot of work, but no work could ever be more rewarding.

being a mother has taught me so much already.
honestly, it can be so tricky to juggle all my roles,
i am still working on finding balance. i am still learning to let go.
i am still learning that i can't do everything.
i am still learning that things need not be perfect.
i am still learning that i can say no. i am still learning to ask for help.
i am still learning to take time for myself.
as busy and crazy as things are in this stage of life, i am so grateful for the journey.
i am so grateful to be a mother. so blessed!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012


i am really getting old.
but i had an amazing week last week. 
i was spoiled by my lovely friends & family.

lots of going out to lunch & dinner,
did some crafts, and a ton of shopping,
plus eating treats nonstop.

it was truly a perfect birthday!
i felt undeserving of so much love & kindness.
thank you all :)

and i am so excited that violet turns ONE YEAR tomorrow!
our birthdays are 4 days apart :)
her party is this weekend. can't wait!


what do you think of the new instagram profiles on the web?

here's mine.

it seems like they still have a few bugs in them,
but i imagine they'll become more useful.

what do you think of them?

well anyway, here is a little catchup.
my favorite instagrams from september.

tomato-picking in our swimsuits.

v got to go to her friend azure's baby blessing.
and hang out with her cousin liam before he moved to utah.

and it was still beach weather!

one last surf day at doheny.

i love that she doesn't mind freezing ocean water.

making the best of errands.

and making plenty of messes.

a lazy morning.

wow...the months just keep flying by!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


how cute are these little shoes?

need these for my "toddler"! i love the top 2 the best!
via pinterest / source unknown

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


i am in love with these pinatas & party decor from confetti system.
i wish i could do v's whole party with these.
if i find the time (probably not), maybe i can try to make some.

check out their adorable shop!
they even make cute holiday ornaments (with more affordable price tags).

Saturday, November 3, 2012


i'm obsessed with japan, and we are huge sushi fans.
and of course, i love any excuse to craft!

i knew violet would be most comfortable wearing a onesie for her costume.
she definitely won't wear a hat, and even a headband is pushing it.
i had to give her chopsticks so she wouldn't pull her headband off.

here she is in her handmade california roll sushi costume.

this costume got my wheels turning, and this one was my inspiration.
i made violet's for around $15, and it was super simple.
read on if you'd like details...
(sorry my tutorial steps lack time for that!)


+ black or white onesie (found mine here)
+ felt in colors to make your sushi
4 sheets of white, and 1 sheet of each of the other colors
(i used peach, lime green, regular green, red, & orange)
+ piece of elastic for headband
+ hot glue gun & glue sticks
+ needle & thread


1. measure your onesie's width near the belly,
and cut out 2 white circles to match the width.
try finding plates in various sizes to use as patterns.

2. cut out about 24 pieces of white felt for rice.
fold your felt so you are cutting two pieces at a time.

3. arrange your rice around the outer edges of your circles.

4. for the crab, cut out a half circle of white felt,
and a slightly larger half circle of red felt.

5. for the avocado, cut out a quarter of a circle of lime green felt,
and a slightly larger quarter of a circle of regular green felt.

6. for the carrots, cut out 4-6 squares of orange felt.

7. now experiment by arranging your sushi pieces in the circles.
you may have to cut down your pieces a bit smaller to fit nicely.
attach the felt pieces to the circles using your hot glue gun.

8. sew the circles on to the front & back of the onesie,
using a needle and thread.
tip: try using elastic thread if you want your onesie to stretch.
this will keep it easy to get on & off your baby.

9. for the wasabi, cut a circle of lime green felt.
stitch it with a needle and thread as if you are making a yo yo flower,
but you will puff it back up when you're done.

10. for the ginger, cut some scraps of peach felt, keeping the edges rounded.
fold them and pile them together a bit sloppy.
stitch them together.

11. measure a piece of elastic to fit your baby's head.
sew it or hot glue it together (i prefer a sewing machine for this).
using the hot glue gun, attach the ginger & wasabi to the headband.

add some tights or enjoy your little sushi roll :)

Friday, November 2, 2012


just thinking about how much i love love love fall and winter.
bundling up around the house has been so nice.
i love having hot breakfasts too.
i mostly just love that the seasons change.
i love how the earth changes,
but people do too.
seasons definitely keep life exciting.

lately, i have been remembering this time last year.

i just put away my halloween decorations in anticipation.
so ready for autumn to continue, and lead us into a wonderful end of the year.