Friday, September 30, 2011

baby update.

1) we got a lot done in the baby room this week.
it actually looks like a baby room now!

2) the ultrasound tech said our baby girl
will have angelina jolie lips! 
these big beautiful lips are definitely from her daddy.
either that or she was just pouty that day.

3) just found out she has turned head down.
what a good girl!!!

4) she is measuring 8 days bigger than her due date.
scary but exciting...
that would put her smack on my birthday! 
either way i'm excited to share our birthday month :)

some to do's...

1) assemble the car seat

2) make crib bedding!

3) maternity photos with the famous eplove!

4) childbirth classes

5) pack the hospital bag of course!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

retro refrigerators.

these smeg fridges make me so excited!
wish i could own one.

i definitely wouldn't mind a colorful oven while we're at it!

Friday, September 23, 2011

woman body.

some pregnancy gripes...

1) none of my clothes fit me! 
my maternity clothes seem to be too small now.
it's really hard to find things that fit me and aren't ugly or ridiculously expensive.
i've bought the basics from a few inexpensive places that carry maternity
(f21, h&m, target, old navy, motherhood)
but selection is either small, or most of their stuff is totally not my style.
it really is getting harder and harder to find a decent outfit each morning.

2) not sleeping very well!
i have ONE sleeping position to choose from that doesn't hurt.
i have to sleep on my left side each night.
sometimes it's hard to breathe,
 and my left arm falls asleep every night because i'm smushing it.
i'm up to about 4 bathroom trips per night.
it's pretty hard to do the roll to get up and out of bed!

3) lower back pain and the bottom of my feet always feel bruised!
it doesn't matter if i spent most of the day either sitting or standing.
i still feel the same toward the end of the day...achey.
i wish i had more time to take care of my body - exercise, naps & walks.
but i am still teaching full time and trying to keep up with photography...busy!

but there are lots of pregnancy bonuses too!

1) my mother-in-law's best friends threw me an amazing baby shower last night!
it was beautiful, and so thoughtful and sweet. i was just so overwhelmed.
will and i feel so loved and it is so nice to feel so much support.
i am slowly but surely getting ready for this baby to come into our home.

2) friendly strangers!
if everyone treated everyone like they were pregnant,
this world would be a better place!
yes, carry my groceries please, because they are big reusable bags,
and you filled them up with heavy milk, orange juice, and cans.
and thank you for all the smiles and friendly chit chat everyone!
always keeps me in a good mood when i have to run errands.

3) maternity leave in 7 weeks, if i can make it that far!
subs will take over my classes and i won't be responsible for them anymore,
and i should be done with all my photo editing by then.
i can just relax, hopefully make some baby bedding,
and get baby girl's nursery & all her clothes ready.
i am so looking forward to it!
then, to spend all my time with our little girl will be heaven!!!

first day of fall!

we made it!!!
i've been wearing boots & scarves already :)

what i've been pinning on pinterest lately...

DIY fall & halloween decor!
like these vintage fabric pumpkins. MUST make!

cozy-comfy outfits!

new pumpkin recipes!
this pumpkin ice cream looks perfect.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

sweet strawberry summer salad.

it's the last week of summer! as the season comes to an end,
i was so excited to squeeze in a yummy late summer meal last week.
i love making salad as a main dish because it's easy, but you get to be creative.

what i put in my strawberry summer salad:
romaine lettuce
shredded rotisserie chicken
sliced cucumbers
chopped red onions
sliced strawberries
cubed mango
candied pecans
we used poppyseed dressing.
also good with a balsamic or sweet onion dressing.

other ideas:
avocado, mandarin oranges, peaches, sweet corn,
feta cheese, bacon bits, or alfalfa sprouts. no rules right?

we had it with warm spinach & artichoke dip,
tortilla chips, sweet corn on the cob, & lemonade.

what are your favorite easy summer meals?

i'm getting super excited for warm fall meals too!
soups & chilis, crockpots & roasted veggies!

Friday, September 16, 2011

ipad pics.

my fun little nephew kaleb!

me and cindee -
after we devoured cheeseburgers, fries, & cookies,
and she let me show her my vintage baby clothes collection!

my 5-year-old niece charlie walked around the house and took tons of photos...
mostly of our ceiling...but here's my fave!

and more bump - sorry if you're tired of it :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

my little bowling ball.

thank you hubby for documenting my growing bump.
here i am at 31 weeks.
next week i will be 8 months preggo!
and our carseat came in the mail exciting!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

knitting mess.

i saw this photo on's error page, and it made me laugh!

here is an old photo of a scarf i made in 2004...

sad huh? i've gotten a little better since then. 
my knitting has straight edges now, but usually still has holes here & there :)

so i'm not a huge knitter, but i still have a love affair with yarn!
look at these pretty colors i bought for my next project!

do you know how to knit? crochet?


my sweet niece charlie spent the night last night.
we went to beach pit for dinner and then made chocolate chip cookies.
then we watched princess movies until bedtime.

bright & early this morning we went to the donut shop!
i love donuts early in the morning when they're fresh!
it was gloomy, but we took a walk and picked some flowers along the way.
really loud thunder turned into lightning, which led to HAIL!
i don't think i recall it ever hailing where i've lived.
it was quite exciting!
had to capture a photo of it!

Friday, September 2, 2011

i've fallen in love...

this dorothy perkins ruffle coat seriously melts my heart!

so super excited for fall!
layers, scarves, tights, boots, baking, leaves!!!