Saturday, July 30, 2011

channel islands trip.

some more blogging catch up...
awhile back, will and i visited the channel islands,
with his brother & wife, and his sister & husband.
we took a ferry to one of the islands, 
and hiked around it all day long.

it was super beautiful...
totally uninhabited except for a few campgrounds.
everywhere we turned were blue skies,
picture-perfect coasts, and endless rolling green hills.
we'd love to go back with camping gear and stay a few days.

this was almost 5 months ago.
i found out i was pregnant right when we got home from this trip :)
 the next day we did a few touristy things around ventura,
including renting one of these bad boys!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

rainbow spools.

i must say,
i have been having a really great week.
i've gotten so caught up on work,
that i found some time to sew today.

i sat down to sew some things,
and i got carried away organizing a bunch of my craft stuff.
it felt so good!
look how pretty...
a lot of this thread is straight from the 70's, which is fun!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

our independence day.

today i actually took a little time for myself, 
and edited some personal photos!

it really has been FOREVER since i had a chance to do that!
it's true that i still haven't gotten to my new zealand & australia photos,
and lots of other fun events we've had this year. so busy!

good thing it's still july!
here are a few photos from independence day,
when we took the nieces & nephews out front with some sparklers!
pretty much the extent of the firework action we created.
 cute nephews!
 henry was a little scared...
how creepy does will look here?!

i just love holidays.
a whole day & night to relax with family!
we have a lot of fun together :)

very pretty things.

charming double rocker from james design (uk).
such a dream!

vintage sour cream glasses from martha stewart living magazine.
so adorable and colorful!
would love to fill one up with orange juice every morning!

perfect little vintage-inspired dresses
for cute little carefree girls!

these very pretty things were found via pinterest,
where i take my little breaks from editing photos and creating lectures.
you can view my pinboards here. eye candy heaven!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

proud mama-to-be.

today was my favorite doctor's appointment EVER.
i had another ultrasound (23 weeks).

i got to see my little baby girl suck on her fingers!
wow! it was the cutest thing i've ever seen in my life!

here she is waving "hi"!

i also had a very very awkward moment today.
i slipped and fell in front of some of my students!
might be time to stop wearing heels :(
they were so worried about my belly, but i only hit my knee.

i guess i'm a classic pregnant lady now...
i've totally lost my center of gravity,
i have stains on my shirt where my belly sticks out,
i can barely reach my feet,
and i really just want to wear pajamas all day.
i love it!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

vintage-inspired rocker.

how amazing is this chair?

it would be so fun in baby girl's room.
too bad we aren't rich!


came across these photos this morning and they made me smile!
photo one: me and my siblings, performing.
(we were all adopted, in case you were wondering)
photo two: my aunt, brother, cousins, dad, me.

i just love old family photos.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

zooey + ben + the jerk

so random,
but so sweet!

zooey deschanel & ben schwartz (from parks & rec)
cover the song "tonight you belong to me" from the 1979 film "the jerk"...

found via

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

moving along.

exciting news!
we are moving into a condo at the end of the month.
very very exciting!

i won't pretend that between paying more each month,
and plans to teach less in the future (to be with baby girl),
we will have money to blow to make our new home as grand as i wish.
but of course this new adventure has me dreaming and scheming...

summer weather has me plotting out our new little backyard!
we are in need of some fun patio furniture:

and we need one of these too!