Monday, June 27, 2011

halfway point.

me at 17 weeks - new zealand.

guess what? i'm 20 weeks preggo now!
halfway done!!!
so exciting!
and the best part is, my morning sickness is over!
i still have to eat every 2 hours though or i feel like i'm gonna die.

i have to admit, it's fun having a bump!
it's much bigger now than it is in this picture.

lately, i've been editing photos,
and baking fruity things...any recipes to share?

i <3 summer!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

ain't that the truth.

mod japanese baby slippers.

i have butterflies in my tummy from excitement,
because i just bought these little cuties!

little baby slippers made from antique kimonos!
i want to make some from a pattern i have,
but i just couldn't resist these :)
from artloveslula on etsy

Thursday, June 23, 2011

flops & frills.

love this shot from one of tina haagensen's past summer collections.

baby blake.

so, the reason we went to australia was because
my sister was having her first little baby boy!

i haven't seen her since her wedding in LA (a year and a half ago)!
we totally cried in the airport when we saw each other :)

our bumps!
introducing baby blake!
he let me snap some hospital photos of him for about 2 minutes :)
 just before a cute baby sneeze...
 and here is blakey with auntie jenn & uncle will :)
i miss him already!
you can read jenessa's birth story here.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


yay for the first day of summer!

oh boy!

so cute...
she & him covering buddy holly.


"oh boy"

favorite kiwi & aussie treats

here are our favorite treats we discovered while in new zealand & australia:

tim tam CRUSH...made with honeycomb.
they just melt in your mouth!
image via

the classic aussie drink...australian ginger beer.
like a cross between root beer & ginger ale.
i averaged one burp per sip...probably wouldn't drink this in public.
image via

and my FAVORITE thing...
hokey pokey ice cream from new zealand...
white chocolate ice cream with swirls of caramel & honeycomb!

we definitely ate well while abroad :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

finally popped.

home from our trip and ran a million errands today.
lots of photos to edit too and still getting ready to teach my summer class.

look at that!
i finally have a sizable bump.
i think i've passed the awkward potbelly phase :)

and guess what? 
i felt baby girl move for the first time on the beach in australia!
she is a super active little thing.
she kept me entertained on the plane ride home,
and i've been feeling her throughout the day & night.
i think she is even trying to say hi as i type.
so fun!

Friday, June 17, 2011

time to go home.

today is our last day in queensland, australia.
we're going to spend it at noosa beach...
then it's back to the real world.
on our way home we get to travel through time.
we get home earlier in the morning on sunday than when we left!

this trip reminded me of the importance of taking time for myself...
although i have SO much to do when i get home!
will share lots of pics of our trip (and my new aussie nephew!) when i get a chance.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

kiss every comma - feather earring giveaway winner!

look how cute these green vintage suitcases are...
even though we are going out of town in a few days,
i gotta say i'm proud of myself for NOT buying them.
1) i already have a suitcase.
2) i already have a GREEN suitcase.
3) we have NO room for anymore suitcases in our apartment!
if you're in orange county, 
email me and i'll tell you which thrift store you can pick these up from!
i did buy a mid-centruy vintage side table for 7 bucks though :)

okay, on to more exciting things...

sooo happy to announce the winner of the feather earrings giveaway tonight!
there were 20 comments and chose #8!

the winner is...
veronika from GIRL AND CLOSET!

so excited for you my dear!
i will be emailing you with details!

thank you to everyone who entered!
and big thank you to sarah at kiss every comma.
your jewelry pieces are truly gorgeous,
and i can't wait to get my hands on the indian princess earring!!!

when i was foofa.

oh man....this makes me laugh!
remember when i played foofa for a vans commercial?
(i know, i'm so random!)

just saw the behind the scenes footage. fun!

now you can see how i pulled off some of those fancy bike tricks!
part ballerina skills, along with fancy rigs and camera trickery :)

you can watch the final commercial here.
yo gabba gabba days...such fun days!

buy ygg vans here.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

team davy.

my friend ruth has 4 adorable children.
one of her kiddos has quite a few medical challenges.
read ruth's sweet and touching story here.

davy's family & friends are throwing a big benefit fundraiser,
because little davy's bills are outta control.
here is your chance to help.
click on the images to see them larger, 
or visit to buy tickets or to donate.