Thursday, June 2, 2011

kiss every comma - feather earring giveaway winner!

look how cute these green vintage suitcases are...
even though we are going out of town in a few days,
i gotta say i'm proud of myself for NOT buying them.
1) i already have a suitcase.
2) i already have a GREEN suitcase.
3) we have NO room for anymore suitcases in our apartment!
if you're in orange county, 
email me and i'll tell you which thrift store you can pick these up from!
i did buy a mid-centruy vintage side table for 7 bucks though :)

okay, on to more exciting things...

sooo happy to announce the winner of the feather earrings giveaway tonight!
there were 20 comments and chose #8!

the winner is...
veronika from GIRL AND CLOSET!

so excited for you my dear!
i will be emailing you with details!

thank you to everyone who entered!
and big thank you to sarah at kiss every comma.
your jewelry pieces are truly gorgeous,
and i can't wait to get my hands on the indian princess earring!!!

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