Monday, December 31, 2012


of course i am a few months behind.
that is just what happens when you are running around,
living your life, right?

here's what went on in the month of october.
+ violet was sushi - a california roll - for halloween
+ we shot some weddings
+ sewed a homemade teepee for our family photos
+ violet started walking (at 11 months)
+ we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


here are 2 photos from our family session this year,
with the sloans (super amazing photographers).
aww...our first family shoot as a family of 3.
i'll share more when i have time.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


violet had her first birthday party 2 weeks ago.

i decided months ahead i wanted to do a neon theme,
and then added the unicorns as an afterthought.
everyone dressed in neon, which was fun.

here is the invitation, designed by our super talented friend carly. i love it!
i glued them onto neon yellow cardstock,
stuffed them in bright envelopes, and added neon yellow confetti.
i know, i'm a huge nerd.
(i cropped off the address & rsvp info)
we found out how it is pretty much impossible to be picky with neon
when it comes to graphic design. the choices are so limited.

sadly i didn't get pictures of all the friends, family & decor.
it was pretty chaotic and there really wasn't time to stop and take photos.
but here are some quick shots we grabbed...

the dessert spread. 
in the back i set up violet's monthly photos from 1-12.
i used gold glitter paper to make the number stickers, and the frames are ikea.

i made these fun neon fabric tassel garlands.
we strung them above the food & present tables.

i bought some of my favorite flowers, green mums,
and made them pop with more neon fabric strips.

and lots of neon candy, with neon cupcake liners to fill up.

for lunch we had a taco lady come out and cook everything on a big grill.
i'm so glad i didn't try to do the food myself. and i love tacos!
we had neon drinks...izze sodas & mexican sodas,
and my fave...neon paper straws.

of course i forgot to photograph the lunch tables. 
they had neon fabric runners, with flower vases and cute little unicorn figurines.

the kids played pin the horn on the unicorn!

other kid activities...
the kids' craft tables had unicorn pictures to color with highlighters,
there was neon playdoh, neon pipe cleaners, neon stickers,
neon beads & string to make necklaces & bracelets,
a kid-size white cardboard castle,
and highlighters to color the castle with neon colors

here is her pretty cake.
i was super excited about it.
 and a jumbo cupcake just for violet.
she didn't love having her hands covered in frosting.
she hardly ate her cupcake too.

here is my gold diamond-shaped pinata that i made from cardboard, tissue paper & wrapping paper.
this one was filled up with toys instead of candy.
my favorites were the friendship bracelets, sunglasses and the inflatable guitars.
 i bought this unicorn pinata online. it ended up being so small. i filled it with neon candy.
violet picking up a maraca and a lizard from the pinata.

i couldn't believe how many presents violet got. she is so spoiled.

 this little purple guitar is from her auntie in australia. she loves it.
daddy loves it too. now that she has her own guitar, she doesn't bother his.

my excuse to buy a huge balloon.
i forgot to take a picture of the 3 foot tall unicorn balloon we have!
it's actually still floating around our house.

thank you to all our friends & family who came to celebrate with us!!
it really was a special day for our special girl.