Saturday, April 16, 2011

zoo time.

took my little bro to the zoo last week.
i love watching the monkeys swing and hang.
and the owls were TOO cute.

here is davin with the emu.

and me riding a turtle.

such a relaxing day!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

bss tonight.

we're going to see my favorite band tonight.
all i need now is a photo pass.

pretty elaine.

when i found out elaine from clothed much was moving to LA,
 i knew we'd have to get together.

we finally planned a little date at the veggie grill.
i had my camera with me,
 because i had just finished up shooting a maternity session in manhattan beach.

i LOVE veggie grill.
i always get the same thing...bali bliss (indonesian-style tempeh) > on the right.

here's elaine...
 we asked a sweet little lady to take our picture...
interesting framing.
 then we had a major sweet tooth. and we found gelato!
 i could REALLY go for some mango and raspberry sorbetto right about now!!!
it was so fun! we found out we have a TON in common. and so do our hubbies.
can't wait to do a double date.

check out elaine's cute website: clothed much.
you will LOVE all of the fun outfits she puts together!
she's so creative! and adorable.

cute things.

modcloth sale.

cute dresses i heart (and don't need):

Thursday, April 7, 2011

baking lately.

chocolate chip cookies...
pretty much my favorite thing to eat in the world!

and these blueberry muffins from scratch came out perfectly!
we had them for dinner tonight with homemade potato soup.
i can't wait to have some leftovers tomorrow :)