Wednesday, September 29, 2010

pretty diy belts.

how fun are these belts?
too bad my "crafts to make" list is overflowing.
i did get some pretty new lace the other day,
hopefully i'll find some time to put it to use!
very sorry but i can't remember which photography blog i found this image on.

looking forward to chilly days

i love everything about this outfit.
i already have those boots and tights too.
can't wait til it stays below 100 degrees around here!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

sweet sensation.

i love the sweet sensation i get when i
listen to blackbird blackbird's cover of modest mouse's "float on"

a tree full of books.

i am in love with this tree shaped bookshelf.

i think i need a forest full.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


things that need to go on sale at anthropologie...

wise ol' cookie jar
terrace house jacket

crisply pleated trousers

in the mood for fall if you couldn't tell.

Monday, September 20, 2010

swedish meatballs.

ikea is one of my happy places.
holding hands with my hubby and walking in the entrance is so exhilarating.
could be because i associate it with pre-wedding excitement and newlywed apartment furnishing.
or it could be because of all the amazing and cheap textiles, furniture and knick-knacks i always leave with.

so tonight we went on a date and had some swedish meatballs.
will always says he gets dizzy when we walk through ikea.
that's because he always wants to get the heck out of there so he walks too fast.
he isn't a huge fan of shopping like me.
i'd rather stop and smell the roses.

we pretended we owned one of the gorgeous modern kitchens.
we picked out a light fixture to go above our kitchen table in our future home.
and, we got lost a few times but that is part of the fun.

we came home and while blasting some good music will built our new bookshelf...

and i built some green and orange boxes to put in the cubbies.
the orange looks way brighter and better in person.

we feel very accomplished and we love how the shelf looks in our office!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

bicycles galore.

i like this.
storefront of christian peterson's bike shop in germany.
no sign, he just mounted his inventory on the wall.

4 years ago, me with bikes...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

japan + france

if i was in paris right now i think i would
go to the murakami exhibit
that is going on inside the ch√Ęteau of versailles!
how fun and unexpected!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


i am overdosing on this song and feeling really good.

now i really want to see the film that is featured in this video.
("clown", a short film from 1969)
i might even love it as much as i love the red balloon.
has anyone seen "clown"?


i still need to make this...

what is taking me so long?

oh yeah, the fact that i seem to have like 5 jobs,
 and i stay up past my bedtime every night working on photos or lectures.

the good news is, it would definitely help me stay more organized.
i'd try to cover it in pretty things but i'm sure it'd end up full of post-its.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

good morning.

it was really hard to wake up this morning.
i think it's because my body is incredibly sore...
yesterday we filmed a vans commercial,
and they had me doing ballerina bike tricks with some pro bmxers.
random, yes. more on that later.
this helped me wake up:

let the video load a little, it's in hd.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


i was in college.

went to class in a daze of disbelief, totally confused.

first class: history of rock n roll.

we processed what was going on together as a class of young college students.
our teacher played "find the cost of freedom" by crosby stills and nash.
and we all sat, in silence, and let reality sink in.

the haunting reverence of this song helps me remember:
freedom is not free.

what were you thinking?

husband, what were you thinking??? 
last night he was about to print the tickets out for the concert,
when he noticed the show was not until oct. 9th. 
so, no klaxons yet. 
but it will be on our 2-year anniversary weekend,
 so it'll be a fun date when we do go.

instead, we went to our friend kyle's house.

he had a mini grad school reunion (people from my clinical psych master's program).

we played cranium and then our favorite game: what were you thinking...

it is an old game and can't be found in stores or online,
unless you are willing to pay $200 for it on amazon.

will's mom's best friend made us our own homemade version of it.
it's always a hit.
really, we never get tired of it.

you can play it without any game pieces though so here's the scoop:
this game is similar to family feud,
 and has the opposite objective of scattergories.
you don't want to be creative here.
you want to think like the masses.

everyone needs a piece of paper and a pen.
then, pick a topic...say, michael jackson.
"think of 5 things that come to mind when you think of michael jackson"
everyone writes down 5 things that they think other people might also write.
no cheating by giving hints or telling others what direction you are taking your answers in.
when everyone is done, you read your answers.
if someone else has the same answer as you, you get to cross it off.
the person with the most unique answers left (not crossed off) loses that round.
and you make fun of that person for writing odd things.
you can keep track of who loses the most rounds.
then you make fun of that person :)

it's fun, i promise!

Friday, September 10, 2010

klaxons live.

the last time we saw klaxons live (a few years ago)...
the thing i remember most was that the whole floor was shaking through their entire set. 
the whole room was pulsating with emotion.
it was one giant happy dance party.

we're super stoked to go see them play again tonight at the troubadour. 
i haven't been there in awhile and i really like that venue because it isn't very big. excited!!

have you seen the video for their new song? 
i posted it here. love the new album.

so, dinner and a concert tonight.

tomorrow is my nephew's pirate party
and my friend ashley's engagement party
(she is getting married in switzerland).
i will spend every other moment editing
photos and creating lecture material.

hope you all have awesome weekends!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

bento lunchboxes.

i LOVE these bento lunchboxes from another lunch.

+ they are waste-free (no baggies or trash)
+ they are pretty healthy
+ they are super creative, cute and fun!

i hope i can have it together enough when i have kids
to make them fun lunches like these!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

DIY paper flowers.

so my friend is getting married and she wants do paper and wood flowers...
i love that idea because you can use recycled materials and they will last forever! 
she asked me for some links and i had a ton bookmarked. 
so i thought i'd share them here too!

i'm a DIY freak...i save inspiration & craft ideas like crazy.
it's so hard to find the time to craft though!
although i somehow made 2 skirts yesterday!
for one of the skirts i used an old ugly vintage dress.
i love making things from something
that would otherwise be thrown out.

so anyway i love that you can make flowers from paper!
and OLD antiqued stinky book pages would be the best!

musical the detail!
i like how the petals are crinkled too.
from the wedding chicks

scrunched & twisted scrapbook paper strips

they'd be fun decorations not only for a wedding
but for a birthday party, bridal or baby shower, or just to brighten up your home...
hung on a string or on sticks/branches in colorful vases.

recycle your paper
super fast with a paper shredder.

love the antiqued look!
and the button possibilities are endless!
try buying old yellowing-paged books from the thrift store for this.
from it's all in the details

these garlands are stunning...made from coffee filters.
you could also try it with cupcake liners! they're already colored!
from pam garrison

so realistic looking!
these are made with crepe paper.
from the brides cafe

i was thinking these might be jazzed up a little better
if you put a rosette type wad of the paper in the center.
from brickabrack

these are super sweet and 70's :)

love how simple and delicate these are.

these are some of my favorites...
love the subtle asian flavor.
from dozi design

these are some of my favorite fabric flowers.
i think it'd be fun to experiment with this tutorial
using different types of paper...
wrinkled old book pages or crepe paper maybe.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this paper flower tree.
photo by clayton austin and
tutorial from the city cradle

i really like the pinwheel look.
these are from a wedding shot by

Friday, September 3, 2010

fantastic film.

boggis and bunce and bean.
one fat,
one short,
one lean,

these horrible crooks
so different in looks
were none the less equally mean.

i know this is a little late but we finally got around to seeing fantastic mr. fox.

i am obsessed!! i want to watch it over and over again.