Monday, January 31, 2011

childhood junk.

my parents are moving.
they are getting rid of a LOT.
i got some cool stuff from the deep dark recesses of the garage,
like baby shoes & clothes from the 80's,
vintage sewing & craft stuff from the 70's,
and my great grandma's super antique orange 80-year-old chair.
but also i had a lot of boxes of my childhood junk to go through.

found some of these babies tonight:
photo from here.

did you play pogs in elementary school?
they are totally lame, but of course i had some.
they ended up getting banned from school.

gonggis were so much better!
(korean jacks)
photo from here.

alas, gonggis were banned too.
i still have some though, and i still love to play them!

i had a lot of stuff in my "important papers" box to go through.
it's fun to look at old artwork, sweet notes from others,
junior high schedules, and poems and stories i wrote.
i wrote tons of poems and stories as a kid, and songs as a teen.
i totally forgot about that. i'm glad i saved so much stuff.
do you have a box of "important papers" from when you were little?
do you think you'll keep them for your kids?

Friday, January 28, 2011

help save a vintage cabinet.

i need your help to convince my husband that i need this cabinet.
it's TO DIE FOR!!!

i will fill the shelves with so many pretty things like vases, platters, & bowls.
in the drawers and the cupboard on the bottom i'll keep tablecloths, napkins & placemats.
i figured out a spot for it in my dining room too.

it's so adorably vintage, and it is a really cute pale yellow color
(which you can't really tell, since this is an iphone 3 photo).

anyway, help...i need some suggestions...
how can i convince him i NEED it?

Thursday, January 27, 2011


i don't usually find the time to take photos of the things i craft.
but i want to. it's a fun thing to document.

i apologize for the lazy selfies from my mac.
here are my DIY t-shirt yarn necklaces.
i made them with my new rotary cutter, which by the way, rocks!

they are really easy to make. and my favorite crafts come from recycled materials.


1) old t-shirts (cotton, jersey, etc.), preferably with no logos.

2) fabric scissors or rotary cutter and mat.


1) cut shirt into 1-inch strips horizontally, starting at the bottom of the shirt.
    stop at the armpits.

2) cut off the bottom hem of the t-shirt and discard.

3) cut all of the strips open, so they are no longer circles, but long strips.

4) pull each strip hard and stretch it really good.
    you want the fabric to thin and curl out, kind of like rope.

5) loop a bunch of pieces together or twist or braid them,
    or whatever you please. then loop them around your neck.

6) tie them together at the back of the neck using extra strips.
    knot the strips and trim any excess.

7) decorate them with extra fabric strips by adding pom-poms,
    bows, ties, or anything you are in the mood for.

a mummy space island production.

we are so impressed with our friend will kindrick's latest project!

visit for more info.
my hubby built the website, and i must say i love it!
also, will kindrick's site is here.
and remember that fun video will made of us?
i watched it today and it still makes me laugh!

prettiness overload.

you know when you have like 50 images saved to your desktop,
but you don't know where you found a single one of them?
(if only the "more info" button in the finder would tell me where i saved them from)
but you love them, they inspire you, and make you want to make stuff?

here are some of those images from my desktop...
it's prettiness overload.
(if you know where any of these images originated, tell me and i'll add the info)

amanda levi

j. crew necklace
mcginn collection

Monday, January 24, 2011

new semester.

so, it's a new semester, and somehow, i am teaching full-time now.
today was the first day and i had a great time.
wednesday is a little more menacing.
i'll be teaching in one of these babies...

a big lecture hall...crazy isn't it? but i think i'll survive.
i was on campus all day today, then i came home and cleaned the house,
did the laundry, vacuumed, did the dishes, and took out the trash.
now i am thinking about dinner.
then all of a sudden i became amazed at all i was able to accomplish today!
what has come over me??

i really love my new schedule.
i am on campus two days a week,
and i have the other days for class prep and grading, photography, and being a homemaker.
i have been cooking a LOT of new things lately.

curried mango pork chops
with brown rice and broccoli.

baked breaded zucchini chips
with pasta shells in alfredo sauce.

mushroom & swiss sliders with spicy fry sauce (read that last part in gob bluth's voice)
with salad.

maple-roasted chicken with sweet potatoes
with cous cous.

let me know if you have a yummy recipe to share.
i am on a roll with trying new things.
also, lots of crafting has been going on. no photos to share but maybe i'll take some later.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

don't look back.

new she & him video...
totally silly, whimsical, and fun.
i want all the furniture and home decor of course.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

new golden scans playlist.

indie music blog news...
we launched playlist #2 over at golden scans.
check it out, it's packed with rad new music.

we made a facebook page for golden scans too.
click here to see it.
click on the "like" button to stay updated about the latest & greatest.
we'd love you for it.
by the way, the "suggest page to friends" option is broken,
so it's hard to get the word out.
[retro/future ad by mama propaganda]

ps we can be friends too.

Friday, January 14, 2011

who doesn't love good ol' fashioned photobooths?
too bad they are getting harder and harder to find.

have you been to
you can check out their directory to find photobooths all over the world.
such a lovely site :)

i also love the modern take on the photobooth: smilebooth.
this is where our fun halloween photos came from.

one more thing, you need to get the pocketbooth app.
it's tons of fun!
here is us photoboothing it up when we were still dating:

gotta go get dolled up. the hubby is taking me on a date tonight :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

guards & grouplove concert.

last monday night...
the bootleg theater in LA, an old 1930's warehouse. their free ep.

the will k.'s!

grouplove! listen to them here.

canter's deli at midnight

playing in the parking lot...

super fun and spontaneous late night :)