Monday, July 20, 2009

brobee update.

so it turns out that i'm too TALL to be brobee. can you believe it? little jenn is too tall for something. the audition was going great until i tried on the costume and it was smushing my head. also, i'm too short for plex - can't see out of the costume and got some insta-bruises. i am now looking for a marriage & family therapist job. time to use my master's degree. of course, there are no jobs right now.

in other news, on the 22nd we are moving to a 2 bedroom apartment, very exciting! it's 2 miles from where we are now. unfortunately we have to change wards but we will be in the same stake. i am going to miss our first apartment and tustin 5th but i'm excited for what's to come.