Tuesday, May 31, 2011

found out what we're having...

so, i didn't want to wait another month.
we went to an ultrasound place that verifies your baby's gender for only $25.
everyone told me to go and i'm so glad i did!

first, some baby photos of us...

baby william

baby jennifer
not the best photos, just what i had on hand.

we're so excited to share....

we're having a BABY GIRL!!!
i have to admit, i already have a small collection of vintage baby clothes & shoes :)
can't wait to play dress up!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

kiss every comma: handmade jewelry GIVEAWAY!

i am so excited to finally share this giveaway!
sarah from kiss every comma makes the
sweetest indie hand-crafted nature-inspired jewelry!!
and you can win a free pair of her feather earrings!

i discovered her adorable yet edgy goods at a craft fair awhile back.
since then we have stayed in touch and i'm a frequent visitor of her etsy shop.
i love seeing all the mystical pieces she dreams up...feathers & leaves are my fave!
i almost always wear my long dark hair down, so i like earrings that dangle and pop!

we met up a little while back to snap some pics of these stylish beauties,
that you can WIN for YOURSELF!
she is gorgeous in these pictures, and these pieces are truly one of a kind!

woodland nymph feather earrings.
real pheasant feather earrings with copper chain.

indian princess single long feather earring.
silver chain and leaf charms, natural, native & soulful.

winter wonderland white feather earrings.
lady amherst pheasant tippet feathers with antique silver chain.

this amazing lady even makes CUSTOM pieces!
whatever colors/sizes of feathers, leather, charms, or chain your little heart desires!
she made me these amazing earrings...but she is a much better model than me...
here she is wearing my custom earrings! i absolutely love them!
leather teardrop earrings with tan, black, and cream leather and gold chain.

the winner of this giveaway can choose from
the woodland nymph earrings, the indian princess earring, or the winter wonderland earrings!
if you win, the item will be made especially for you...
you get to choose from different color chain!
silver, antique silver, gunmetal, antique bronze, copper, or gold.

how to enter:
1) leave a comment on this blogpost telling me
which of these three earrings you'd like to win,
or visit the shop and tell me your favorite piece of jewelry in her shop.
2) for a second chance to win,
follow my blog and leave an additional comment saying you are a follower.
if you already follow, just leave a comment saying so.

winner will be chosen by random.org on thursday, june 2nd!
you must live in the U.S. to win.

cheers and enjoy your weekend!

this post was sponsored by kiss every comma.
all opinions are my own.

some likes.

pretty prints by nan lawson. (more here)

a homemade lunch sack i need to make to take to work.

an amazing handmade skirt.

some more fun fabric.
will is camping and i can't sleep. 
hope that explains my random 2am blogging!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

nursery design.

i've totally gone mommy on you, and i apologize.
but i have a new favorite website.

lay baby lay.

don't know the baby's gender yet,
but i do know i'm drawn to bright but gender neutral color palettes.
and i can't stop thinking about creating a nursery!

check out their amazing style boards.
they're to die for!
here are my favorites!
brights & whites...

Monday, May 23, 2011

getting used to the bump.

14 weeks.
i have the body of the grinch who stole christmas.

15 weeks. awkward phase. "preggo or pot belly?"

hope you don't mind the belly photos.
it sure is weird growing so fast.

my pregnancy survival kit consists of:
constant mini backrubs from the hubby.

looking forward to the end of morning sickness,
and our "babymoon" down under in 2 weeks!
can't wait to meet my sister's new little boy! 
he's due in about 3 weeks.
such an exciting time :)

ps - don't worry,
i'm getting my hair done today.
it's pretty sad looking!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

pretty fabrics

these pretty fabrics from duralee make me excited.
my fabric stash is pretty out of hand.
i can't wait to find some time to craft!!

today is good...made out like a bandit at the early anthro sale,
bought my first MOM jeans (maternity), and now i'm grading papers like crazy!
it's finals week and course grades are due next week.
looking forward to the end of semester,
so i can focus on getting caught up on photography.
then it's vacation time!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

can't help myself.

here is my first TMI mommy blog post.

check out our darling little "shrimp"!
at 13 weeks, he/she is about the size of a shrimp...
i love that babycenter.com compares babies to food items each week.

didn't find out the gender yet...
the tech had a guess, but i am waiting until the next ultrasound,
when will can be there with me.
we have our guesses...
what are yours??? i'd love to hear :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

marriage advice.

thanks for all your well wishes about our new addition on the way :)

speaking of families...you can read my marriage advice over at

the honeypie archives.

i did a guestpost for sweet little mj,
who just recently became a newlywed!
i gave her all my secrets about how to stay that way!

check out her cute blog!
and one of my favorite posts by her here (how to change up a casual black dress!)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

can't hold it in any longer!

letting my belly loose...
we are expecting a little one in november!
i am 13 weeks, and we couldn't be more excited!
mother's day was extra special for me :)
the hubby surprised me with a sweet card, flowers, and my favorite ice cream.

i got to hear the heartbeat last week, which was super special.
looking forward to my second ultrasound this week. 
i'll keep you posted!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


i just wanted to pop in and say hi.
i haven't posted in ages.
lots of good reasons, including being a crazy lady professor.
hundreds of papers to grade.
also, april was my busiest month for photography ever.
4 weddings and some other fun shoots too.

but, i am happy...things are good!
and i am so happy it is spring.
aja trier
hope to be back around and posting more soon!