Saturday, March 22, 2014


about a month ago we got a pretty new side table for our living room.
i was eyeing quite a few pretty side tables at
i was so impressed by all the clean simple midcentury modern designs.
when i saw this one in person at the store i just had to have it!
gold legs...yes please.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


when we got married in 2008, we received this 
crate & barrel spice rack as a wedding gift.
i'm not a big fan of silver, and most kitchen accessories are silver.
also, dill weed? coriander? celery salt? mustard seed?
many of the spices were never being used.

after years of only using certain spices,
i decided to customize the spice jar lids.

(please forgive the low-light instagram photo.)

now my spice rack is cheery, but more importantly,
i get to choose what spices will be out on my counter!
our top three faves are sea salt, cayenne, and ginger :)

my next step will be to take the jars off the rack,
and just spray the whole rack gold!

this is a super easy DIY, but here is a little step-by-step tutorial,
in case you are interested.


1) chalkboard paint - i used a spray can

2) chalk marker or chalk

3) primer is optional - i used a spray can


1) discard any of the default spices that are expired,
or any spices you know you will never use.

2) wash and dry all spice jar lids thoroughly.

3) outside on a tarp, spray all lids with primer.
(you can skip this step if you want.
it may depend on the surface of your lids.)

4) when primer is dry, spray all lids
with chalkboard paint, making sure
to cover the top and sides of each lid. 

5) after the first coat has dried, repeat step 4.

6) after the second coat has dried, 
use a chalkboard marker to label each lid.
chalkboard markers are more permanent than chalk.


+ if you want to use regular chalk,
you can easily change the labels on your lids.
keep in mind that if you handle the lids a lot,
or if water gets splashed on them
the chalk labels will fade.

+ when you remove the lids from the spice jars to paint them,
you might want to label some of the jars with post-it notes,
 if you think you might not remember which are which.

happy painting, and happy cooking & baking!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


guess what?
my favorite clothing line for little ones is having a HUGE SALE!
(yes, that's violet up there, from a whole year ago!)

it's DOT DOT SMILE'S first birthday!
isn't that exciting?
they have grown so much in a year.
i'm so happy for them!

whoa...35% off EVERYTHING!
make it snappy though, the last day of the sale is thursday, march 6th.
head on over to DOT DOT SMILE and happy shopping!