Saturday, November 6, 2010

my DIY owl costume & halloween at the ace!

halloween at the ace hotel.
smilebooth rocked our worlds!

details on my DIY owl costume:

1) buy a used pillowcase from the thrift store & wash it.
mine happened to be jersey so it was nice and comfy, with a little stretch.

2) cut out a hole for the neck and two holes for the arms.

3) on cardstock or paper, draw up a template for the feathers and cut it out.

4) pick out a bunch of fabrics in whatever colors/textures suit your fancy!
i used gold metallic, yellow felt, brown wool, dark tan corduroy,
and beige, brown & orange cotton.

5) trace the template onto those fabrics about a million times.
try folding your fabric and cutting out 2 or more feathers at a time,
depending on how thick your fabric is.

6) get out your sewing machine.
starting at the bottom of your pillowcase,
line up a row of feathers in whatever pattern you like.
i staggered my rows so that each feather's point covered up a gap between the lower feathers.
pin on the row of feathers.

7) sew away!
i used gold thread & a zig zag stitch,
but you don't have to be neat -
the thread will only show on the top row of feathers.

8) i made a little headband with fabric scraps,
some stretchy brown elastic, and buttons for eyes.

add some leggings (i wore gold) and you'll be comfy all night :)

my costume inspiration: here and here.
will's costume inspiration: here and here.
will was willie nelson.
he had a long grey braid, in case you couldn't see it.

more photos from the night HERE.
fun night with fun friends!

love love love halloween :)
i just bought a new container,
and lovingly placed my halloween decorations inside.
i will miss my little skeletons hanging from my front door.


  1. Those costumes are awesome! Makes me sad I didnt put more effort into my costume this year. I just took my decorations down too... sad, but looking forward to Christmas!