Thursday, July 18, 2013


in the mood to blog!
march was a pretty eventful month.
so here goes my little photojournal.

will turned 28 this year! we went to a fancy dinner to celebrate.

violet played lots of drums in our garage.

she also figured out where mama kept her nice camera.

she played outside a LOT.

and in tunnels.

girl's night out for lyndzee's b-day.
thai food & reflexology, of course.

violet and all her cousins at lance's baby blessing.
how did we get 13 kiddos to sit still?

i hosted the dot dot smile launch party at my house!

and violet got to model their awesome dresses & leggings for their website!

violet broke one of my favorite planters (a vintage teapot!)
she also liked to eat succulents. who knew?

i showed up to teach one night and found all these toys in my bag!
mama by day, professor by night.

we are just loving life lately :)

Monday, July 8, 2013


last month i took violet to swim lessons for 2 weeks.
it was her first time taking lessons.
here she is waiting for her first lesson to start.

she loved it! she even jumped off the diving board!
she did it 4 times. brave little girl.
probably only exciting to her parents, but here is a clip.
at the very beginning, she points to me, waves and says "mama".

she turned into a little diva after each lesson.
it was like she knew how hard she worked,
and she deserved to be spoiled after.
she demanded sunglasses and her towel draped around her each day.
i call this look "hare krishna"

so funny!