Thursday, April 24, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008


sakura = japanese cherry blossoms. these beauties are only in bloom for 2 weeks out of the year. we are SO lucky to have been surrounded by them throughout our whole week in japan! i loved how the japanese people appreciate them so much. they were all out and about touring their own country, taking photographs, and celebrating with festivals. they even make cherry blossom ice cream!

japan japan japan...part 2

these are pretty scenes and things i observed on my trip. click on the pics to see them bigger.

japan japan japan!

here are photos of japanese people...and me. i have always wanted to see japan. now i know i have to go back, not as a tourist but as a resident! i promised myself this. click on the photo to see the larger version.

crowded tokyo in the rain / apprentice geishas sightseeing in kyoto

yakitori off the street / my cute japanese grandma (i wish)

electronically engaged train riders / the best family we met on a train

japanese baseball team huddle / the rare empty train station

doggie, kid and bike near nijo castle / kelly and i, meiji shrine in tokyo

japanese baby learning to walk, and falling / electronic town - akihabara, tokyo

geisha feet wearing japanese socks / ice cream stop at osaka castle

free-roaming deer in nara / BOOTS!!

a real geisha hurrying through kyoto / rainy ueno park in tokyo

drop in some yen, get a blessing / a random pagoda in kyoto

walking around, lost in kyoto