Tuesday, April 8, 2008

life changes.

if you didn't know, i have the best boyfriend ever...
his name is will and he's tall, dark, and handsome, funny, caring, smart, etc.
anyway we have been dating since july...
we have so much fun together, so don't be surprised if of my photos are all of him.
he came to japan as well as his sister kelly, my good friend. he's such a good boy!

i finally moved out last year. my sister and i share an apartment near school.
ever since then i've been broke, and oh so painfully aware
 of how severely lacking in new clothes i am.
i can't work a lot since i am in school and doing an internship.
i just tell myself that someday i will be able to buy nice things because i am working hard now. anyway, sharing a room with my sister...we get along better than ever!

my 6 year old brother took this photo. cheesy, yes.
it's my first time having a brand new car. exciting!

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