Wednesday, April 9, 2008

current affairs.

i've been takingballet for about 2 years just for fun, and really enjoying it...
i love it because growing up i never did any sports or dance or anything,
 so i feel like i'm reliving that part of my childhood.
it's also really relaxing and i feel like in the midst of my busy week,
 it's so important to take that time for myself.
it's fun to hang out with the girls too:
ruby, nicole, jill, amelia, and sara...when they come!

heather's very pregnant and is having her baby wendy in may!
here she is with her cute belly.

you may have noticed my hair is a different color now too.
i got a lot of surprised reactions from my relatives, clients, and friends.
thanks to nicole thompson for doing an amazing job.
she inspires me in so many ways! here's a photo of us from her birthday barbeque.
happy late b-day!

the only other new thing in my life is i've been doing a little modeling.
you can watch a modeling video of me and another model HERE.
i did some for the hot topic website and some for another photographer,
8x10 proofs, for his website and an online magazine.
it's super fun because i LOVE getting my hair & makeup done.

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