Thursday, April 18, 2013


one of my best friends nicole started the CUTEST company called DOT DOT SMILE.
she makes the most adorable dresses for babies & little ones.
she makes amazing leggings for babies & little ones too!
the styles and prints are just to die for!

here is violet wearing one of dot dot smile's dresses.
how cute is this aztec print?
i just love her in dark colors!

and she wore a black & white aztec print dress on easter! 
i blogged those photos here.
cute cute cute right?

you MUST follow DOT DOT SMILE on instagram!
@dotdotsmile to see all their adorable products!
their website is still in the works, but for now you can place orders via email.

happy shopping :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


earlier this week, our family photos by sloan photographers
were featured on 100 layer cakelet! so fun!

100 layer cakelet is an offshoot of 100 layer cake,
which is an awesome wedding blog, but this one's a family blog.
they feature family photos, birthday party ideas,
nursery decor inspiration, kids crafts, & more.
can't wait to dig through all their pretty posts.

check out the feature HERE.

this reminded me that i never shared my teepee tutorial.
sorry about that!
i wanted to make a visual guide, but got stuck.
but here's a little detail on how i made it.


+ 2 queen-size sheets
+ trim
+ velcro
+ 4 wooden dowels, whatever size you prefer,
just make sure they fit in your car!
you can get these at a hardware store
+ thick rubberbands and/or twine
+ fabric scissors
+ sewing machine & thread


1) i took 2 vintage sheets and cut them apart diagonally.
this left me with 4 equal-sized triangles.

2) then i reversed some of the triangles
(every other triangle should be flipped horizontally),
placed them together in a semi-circle shape,
and sewed them together.

3) i added some pom pom trim that i had on hand.

4) i sewed some velcro strips at the top of the fabric,
to keep it closed over the dowels.

5) i used rubberbands at the top of the dowels,
to hold them together.
i was going to cover them in twine, but got lazy.

that's it! so simple!
violet loves to play in the teepee!

if i were to make it again,
i'd add more fabric (one more sheet) so it closes better.
i'd also sew strips for the fabric to hook on to the dowels.
then it would be more sturdy for kids to play in.
that would get pretty tricky though.

it cost me probably only around $30 for the dowels.
the rest of the materials i had on hand, and i love crafting.
but if you'd rather buy a teepee,
here are some that i love for just $150.

Monday, April 8, 2013


hey gals, i am starting an instagram shop
where you can purchase women's vintage clothing & accessories.

my collection is just too big, so i am finally letting some things go.
my shop account is @goldfeathersvintage.

the way it works:

i will be posting pictures of vintage items. all prices include shipping.
comment with your email address on the picture of the item you want to buy.
a paypal invoice will be sent to that email address.
payment must be within 24 hours of the invoice, or item goes to next buyer.
open to US only. all sales are final.

i am posting my first batch of items TODAY around noon!
follow me @goldfeathersvintage and check out my items!
happy shopping!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


things that happened in january...

violet was cute, as usual.

we had lots of fun outings.
the beach, family hikes, and playing with chickens at my friend's house.

did some fun crafting with friends.
i made the HELLO sign by bending floral wire and wrapping it with yarn.
i made a kite for hanging up violet's hair clips on the wall.
went to a fun wedding too. 

Monday, April 1, 2013


easter was fun this year,
having a cute little toddler to hunt for eggs with,
and surprising her with an easter basket full of goodies.
 here she is on easter morning, coming out to find her basket.
goodies in her basket...mostly dollar store stuff.
inside the eggs i put freeze-dried banana chips.
i just cleaned up all the easter decorations today.
she's gonna be bummed when she wakes up and can't find any eggs to play with!
how was your easter?