Friday, August 31, 2012


when miss v sneaks into our bed in the morning,
she's usually doing the "snow angel", "h is for hell" and eventually "the stalker".

lately our little lady has not been sleeping well.
as a newborn she was tough.
we never had the newborn stage where she was supposed to sleep all day.
she would only sleep for 20 minutes at a time.
most of the time she only slept in her arms.
the minute she was set down in a cradle, swing or bed,
she would wake up and cry.
nighttimes were awful too. she would cry for hours most nights.

as she got a little older she started sleeping for longer periods.
then for a few months she was sleeping in her crib great at night.
we taught her how to fall asleep on her own.
she'd sleep 8 hours, nurse, and sleep 4 more. that was great.

over the past few months,
as separation anxiety set in, and she learned to crawl,
she won't fall asleep on her own anymore.
she sits up and cries. she will cry for hours.
she wakes up in the night again and wants soothing/nursing.
after a few months of letting her cry it out at bedtime,
soothing her every 10 min or so, for about an hour,
we decided crying it out wasn't working,
and that we personally preferred to rock her to sleep.
she's only this little for such a short time :)

there are a million parenting books out there,
but every baby is so different,
and we are very unlucky in the sleep department.
2 hour naps during the day? never.
try 30 minutes tops. she is just too on the go.
what she lacks in sleeping skills,
she makes up for in talking, clapping, waving, and all her cute social skills.
she made about new 5 best friends (old ladies) at the grocery store today :)

so anyway, she gets what she wants. spoiled girl.
for now, we rock her to sleep! (no more crying for an hour every night)
mamas, please tell me your special tricks for helping baby sleep.
what worked for you?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

baby loves animals.

violet LOVES animals.

one of her favorite books is called "baby animals" by gyo fujikawa.
(these are mama's favorite baby books too).
she always laughs when we make the animal noises.

she went on her first pony ride last month
and thought it was the neatest thing!

she loves taking outings to the pet store,
to watch the puppies play and talk to the parrot.
she wants a puppy so bad!
she squeals when they bark, 
and she lets them lick her all over.

we had the most fun when we went to visit my friend's chickens.
she sat and laughed at them as they clucked and strutted around.

i promise her someday we'll have a chicken coop of our own.
i long for the day where we have a big enough yard!

and here's a short clip of her cracking up at the chickens...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

9 months!

oh my goodness.
this little girl is 9 and a half months already!

she's so happy & fun.
she makes friends everywhere we go.

new tricks...

+she says "mama", "dada" and "no" (nah).
her best word is "dada" and "dad"!
will melts when she says it to him.
and she says "no" back to me when i say it to her...nice.

+she crawls everywhere. never stops.
she is so super busy,
and really fast!

+she is pulling up & standing.
she wants to walk!

+she dances to music!
she sits and rocks back & forth.
too cute.

+favorite things:
pulling all the dvds & books off the shelf
petting puppies
climbing on mom & dad
eating finger foods

+she's TINY.
for weight she's below the charts,
and she's average for height.

i had lots of fun snapping her 9 month photos...
here are my faves.

we just love her to pieces.

Friday, August 17, 2012

camping with a 9 month old.

i had been dying to take little v camping,
and we finally went last weekend!
violet loves the outdoors, so she was in heaven.

we just stayed one night.
baby slept great, because she shared a mattress with me :)
she did had a tough time at home the next night being in her crib though.

we made foil dinners with ground turkey, sweet potatoes, onions, & squash.
and of course we had lots of smores.
for breakfast we made burritos.
and, i went to the bathroom in the dark all by myself in the middle of the night.
after listening to animals prowl around our tent for hours.
is it lame that i'm proud of myself?

my morning view, lying in my sleeping bag.
woken up by woodpeckers pecking and v squealing.

we didn't get pictures of much.
since violet can crawl, i pretty much had to hold her the whole time.
will was busy setting up, unpacking, and cooking.
but we did take one little hike and brought the camera along.

it was so fun.
hopefully we can go again next month!

right now i am busy busy busy with photography,
and getting ready to start teaching again in about a week!
not to mention chasing a little girl around the house all day...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

pretty prints.

check out these pretty prints from lab partners.
they're so adorable!
i just love the clean lines & bright colors.