Friday, August 17, 2012

camping with a 9 month old.

i had been dying to take little v camping,
and we finally went last weekend!
violet loves the outdoors, so she was in heaven.

we just stayed one night.
baby slept great, because she shared a mattress with me :)
she did had a tough time at home the next night being in her crib though.

we made foil dinners with ground turkey, sweet potatoes, onions, & squash.
and of course we had lots of smores.
for breakfast we made burritos.
and, i went to the bathroom in the dark all by myself in the middle of the night.
after listening to animals prowl around our tent for hours.
is it lame that i'm proud of myself?

my morning view, lying in my sleeping bag.
woken up by woodpeckers pecking and v squealing.

we didn't get pictures of much.
since violet can crawl, i pretty much had to hold her the whole time.
will was busy setting up, unpacking, and cooking.
but we did take one little hike and brought the camera along.

it was so fun.
hopefully we can go again next month!

right now i am busy busy busy with photography,
and getting ready to start teaching again in about a week!
not to mention chasing a little girl around the house all day...


  1. The second picture of him looking through...those things...and her looking at you is SO CUTE!!!! Like blow it up to a 60x60 and frame it cute!

  2. No, it's not lame you are proud that you went pee in the dark. In my sleepiness last night, I was convinced there was a ghost in my house and wouldn't go pee. To this day I am freaked out by the supernatural! I eventually woke up enough to realize how crazy I am. Is it lame I am admitting this? Ha ha.

  3. It's definitely extra work camping with a baby but it's so worth it!! When they're crawling it's the worst! When she's walking it will be easier! We can't wait to go camping again when it warms up here!