Tuesday, October 30, 2012


2 years ago i made a DIY owl costume,
from an old pillowcase and some fabric.

just saw it was featured on refashion files this month!
pretty awesome.
i would love to wear this costume again.
maybe next year we can be a family of owls...


sushi chef, california roll, and a geisha.

please excuse will's 99 cent mustache.
details on violet's DIY baby sushi costume to come :)

Monday, October 29, 2012


earlier this month we took baby v to the pumpkin patch.
we rode the train, pet the ponies, and went in a haunted house.
and picked out some cute pumpkins too!
hopefully we can paint them tonight!

 she loves animals so much. fascinated by the ponies, of course.
 we ran into our friends, and violet's baby friend, pepper!
and we went through the hay maze.
 picking out the perfect pumpkin.
 waiting to ride the train
 and watching the train go by...
 such a memorable day for our little family!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


i can't put it off any longer...
about to start making violet's halloween costume!

this is what she's going to be...
wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


this little girl is growing up too fast!
in just a few weeks she will be ONE!
(her party is totally planned...can't wait!)

she is WALKING!
for a few weeks she's been taking a few steps and then falling.
now she can walk across the whole living room.
it's adorable to watch!

and TALKING a ton!
mama, dada, uh oh, no, done, milk, hi & bye-bye,
mmm (when something is yummy) and thank you is "da-doo".
and her newest word is the sound a horse makes!
not sure how to type her interpretation. so cute though!

she finally got some TEETH!
two on the bottom.
i dreaded this since she's still nursing!
but i kinda like her new little smile.

other funny stuff she does...
brushes her hair
waves at airplanes
folds her arms to pray (reminds me when i forget)
pointing (just started)

finding cats, dogs, birds & squirrels outside
popping bubbles
listening to music
reading books
wrestling & tickles

and her nanny was here today helping so she took a few mommy-daughter shots!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


we used to take trips to celebrate anniversaries.
these days we keep life low key with little v around.
we still managed a fun night out to celebrate our 4 year anniversary this month.

we went to eat at pieology pizzeria,
where you get to pick all your own toppings,
and they bake them to order in a brick oven. yum!

then we went bowling on campus where i teach.
it was v's first time bowling! or...hanging out at a bowling alley.
the student running the bowling alley recognized me.
he said he was in my class last year.
i didn't recognize him though, it was a class of 100.
but i thought it was neat!
and the best part...we had the whole place to ourselves!