Tuesday, July 31, 2012

glittery peter pan collars.

i'll never get tired of peter pan collars.
right now i'm head over heels for the bedazzled version!
glitter, beads, sequins, pearls, so fun!

1. stella rose  / 2. topshop / 3. asos / 4. modcloth

this would be a really fun DIY project!
you'd just need some fabric glue & glitter!
use an existing collar on a shirt,
take one off an old shirt,
or use a piece of cardboard.
i want to try it!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

8 months.

here are the latest photos of our big girl.

8 months is such a fun age!
and i am amazed...
everyday we love her a MILLION times more than the day before!
don't know how that's possible!

she waves hi with some encouragement & patience!


her new tricks:
+ using her pincer grasp
+ crawling backwards
+ waving
+ dancing to daddy's guitar-playing
+ words: "mama", "dada", "baba", "nana", "yah"
(wishful thinking that she is using them functionally!)

some of violet's favorite things:
+ playing with daddy when he gets home from work
+ being outside
+ animals!
+ playing with the ipad, iphone, and remote control
+ fruit (even though she only had veggies for her first month of solids!)
+ swimming & taking baths
+ kissing mama's face

she is so much fun to be with!
we are just so blessed!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

violet's favorite app.

violet loves playing on the ipad and on my iphone.
i remembered i had an old iphone, and i charged it up for her.
now this little 8 month old has her very own iphone.

her favorite app is called idaft 2.
you basically get to be a daft punk dj.

here's a little clip of dj violet.
she's not bad, right?
[don't mind all the craft mess in the background]

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

summer fun.

oh we have been having so much fun this summer!

mamas & babies at the waterpark.
keely is only 4 months old and weighs more than violet at 8 months!
too cute!

violet with her cousins. we made smores by the fire.

we took a trip to the zoo.
 she "drove" the jeep.
 and she was totally mesmerized by the animals.

breakfast picnics are her fave.

jogging leads to estate sales around these parts.

she is officially crawling...backwards. lots of pushups and rocking too.

one of her new favorite toys.

dinner dates...getting harder with this squirmy worm.

baby food factory.
who knew she would be crazy about eggplant?
 25 servings and she gobbles them up in less than a week.

Friday, July 13, 2012


so our little girl turns 8 months today.
you already know what i'm going to say.
i can't believe how fast she is growing up!

she somehow wiggles her way all around the room,
and look what she got herself wrapped up in the other night,
without any help at all.

a pile of fabric while i was doing some sewing.
she looked pretty pleased with herself!

and i was pretty excited too.
i finally sewed violet her first mama-made baby clothes.

gold leggings. i actually have some to match. aren't we silly?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

DIY garden markers.

i still have a lot to do in my garden
before i actually get to this point,
but i still think about sprucing things up with garden markers.

i love these rustic twig plant markers.
they would be so fun to make!

these flag markers are so adorable.
you can follow this tutorial to make your own.

painted stones are such a great idea too,
especially because i don't know what do with the rocks i dig up in my garden.

ohhh i want to make them all!

Friday, July 6, 2012

a million instagrams from june.

not really a million, but almost.
mostly food & baby,
and some plants here & there.

 1. & 2.  v with her cousins dallin & austin / 3. & 4. v with her friends wendy & harvey

 1. feeding herself breakfast / 2. v laughing at her daddy / 3. hammock / 4. twins

1. baby lounging / 2. veggie rainbow / 3. thrifted nesting glasses / 4. serious shuteye

1. a pretty beach day / 2. farmer's market / 3. planting vegetables / 4. nutella crepe with gelato!

1. lips & lashes / 2. pad thai picnic / 3. serenade from papa / 4. she always wakes with a smile

1. new plant tiers / 2. first shoulder ride / 3. stuck in a hanger / 4. love her floral denim

1. roses from the backyard / 2. at the pool / 3. running errands / 4. german pancakes on father's day

Thursday, July 5, 2012

our 4th of july.

it's hard to truly comprehend all the sacrifices
that have been made in order for us to enjoy
the freedoms that we do in our country.

but it's so easy to feel united as a people
when everyone is out and about,
celebrating independence day together.

we had so much fun this 4th with our little family!

we slept in and made blueberry pancakes.
we added white & red of course.

then we basically pigged out all day,
swam, lounged, and spent time with our brand new nephew.
i keep bringing my camera to do a photo shoot with him,
but he spends all his time eating & sleeping.
here's one i snagged off instagram.
this is liam! new parents kelly & jason are in heaven!

had to take some photos of this cutie pie
in her vintage red white & blue dress!

and now some photos from an actual camera, not a phone...

the boys let off a bunch of fireworks
in the backyard and violet loved it.

that night we went to the fireworks show
at the los alamitos naval base.
it was amazing.
we got to drive through the whole base,
right next to huge jets,
and we even parked on a runway.
violet was totally entranced by the show,
and the grand finale was one of the best!

and i couldn't help but remember,
that our little doll was still growing in my tummy 
at this time last year.
so fun to start new holiday traditions with our little family :)