Thursday, July 5, 2012

our 4th of july.

it's hard to truly comprehend all the sacrifices
that have been made in order for us to enjoy
the freedoms that we do in our country.

but it's so easy to feel united as a people
when everyone is out and about,
celebrating independence day together.

we had so much fun this 4th with our little family!

we slept in and made blueberry pancakes.
we added white & red of course.

then we basically pigged out all day,
swam, lounged, and spent time with our brand new nephew.
i keep bringing my camera to do a photo shoot with him,
but he spends all his time eating & sleeping.
here's one i snagged off instagram.
this is liam! new parents kelly & jason are in heaven!

had to take some photos of this cutie pie
in her vintage red white & blue dress!

and now some photos from an actual camera, not a phone...

the boys let off a bunch of fireworks
in the backyard and violet loved it.

that night we went to the fireworks show
at the los alamitos naval base.
it was amazing.
we got to drive through the whole base,
right next to huge jets,
and we even parked on a runway.
violet was totally entranced by the show,
and the grand finale was one of the best!

and i couldn't help but remember,
that our little doll was still growing in my tummy 
at this time last year.
so fun to start new holiday traditions with our little family :)


  1. Oh I love her little vintage dress! It looks like you guys had a fabulous time :)

  2. Where did you get her dress? It's so adorable! Yummy pancakes! I've been wanting to buy blueberries for months but they're REALLY expensive here!

    1. Heather gave her the dress! You need to come visit CA and eat the organic blueberries from Trader Joe's. YUM!