Monday, January 24, 2011

new semester.

so, it's a new semester, and somehow, i am teaching full-time now.
today was the first day and i had a great time.
wednesday is a little more menacing.
i'll be teaching in one of these babies...

a big lecture hall...crazy isn't it? but i think i'll survive.
i was on campus all day today, then i came home and cleaned the house,
did the laundry, vacuumed, did the dishes, and took out the trash.
now i am thinking about dinner.
then all of a sudden i became amazed at all i was able to accomplish today!
what has come over me??

i really love my new schedule.
i am on campus two days a week,
and i have the other days for class prep and grading, photography, and being a homemaker.
i have been cooking a LOT of new things lately.

curried mango pork chops
with brown rice and broccoli.

baked breaded zucchini chips
with pasta shells in alfredo sauce.

mushroom & swiss sliders with spicy fry sauce (read that last part in gob bluth's voice)
with salad.

maple-roasted chicken with sweet potatoes
with cous cous.

let me know if you have a yummy recipe to share.
i am on a roll with trying new things.
also, lots of crafting has been going on. no photos to share but maybe i'll take some later.


  1. So jealous....I think it would be so fun to teach college!! I am so proud of you! I love you!

  2. that giant classroom is so crazy jenn! i'm trying to picture you in your little professor outfit commanding the room. i might have to sneak into one of your lectures just to see it.

  3. Wow! That classroom is so intimidating! I bet your students love you.

  4. Congrats sis! I'm sure you can handle it all... but I love most that you have time throughout the rest of the week to do all of the other (millions) of fun things you love to do!! You're going to do an even better job this year. So proud of you!!

  5. Always loved your adorable blog but first time commenting...
    here are some goodies I've had bookmarked forever but have yet to try...

  6. oh and my most favourite foodie website!

  7. Way-to-go Jen! That room is a little intimidating, but I'm sure you handle it well! Good luck

  8. Good luck! I'm so proud of you.