Monday, January 31, 2011

childhood junk.

my parents are moving.
they are getting rid of a LOT.
i got some cool stuff from the deep dark recesses of the garage,
like baby shoes & clothes from the 80's,
vintage sewing & craft stuff from the 70's,
and my great grandma's super antique orange 80-year-old chair.
but also i had a lot of boxes of my childhood junk to go through.

found some of these babies tonight:
photo from here.

did you play pogs in elementary school?
they are totally lame, but of course i had some.
they ended up getting banned from school.

gonggis were so much better!
(korean jacks)
photo from here.

alas, gonggis were banned too.
i still have some though, and i still love to play them!

i had a lot of stuff in my "important papers" box to go through.
it's fun to look at old artwork, sweet notes from others,
junior high schedules, and poems and stories i wrote.
i wrote tons of poems and stories as a kid, and songs as a teen.
i totally forgot about that. i'm glad i saved so much stuff.
do you have a box of "important papers" from when you were little?
do you think you'll keep them for your kids?


  1. I love Gonggies!! I would play them now. I'm definitely doing a "special" box for my kids! It's so fun to look back on every few years!

  2. we TOTALLY played pogs in elementary school! people even rented out their lucky "slammers" for a $1. and they were banned at our school too! haha. how fun to go through your old kiddy stuff.