Friday, February 21, 2014


we picked out a new couch,
and in the meantime, we are ready
to get rid of our old one.
once it's out of the way,
i can't wait to add a little flair to the new couch.

we don't really have expensive taste,
and with little kiddos, furniture needs to be easily replaceable.
i am quite happy with ikea's karlstad series.
here's the one:
just one thing...i hate the legs that come with the couch.
i did some research and found out that ikea does sell other leg options,
but they are pretty much just black or silver.
even if i painted the default wood legs, i'm really bored with the square shape.

then i stumbled upon pretty pegs!
beautifully designed furniture legs made for ikea furniture,
bringing midcentury modern update to any piece.

so i oohed and aahed for quite some time,
without being able to read swedish,
and picked out a bunch of faves.
like these estelle north pegs.

the good news is they ship free worldwide.
the bad news is the cost around $150 for a set of 4.
i would have to spend almost $500 to buy 3 sets,
in order to use them with the sectional couch & ottoman.
soooo not going to happen.

after spending time on home depot's website,
i found out you can purchase plain wood furniture legs,
in a few fun shapes.
the 4-inch legs are less than $5 for a pair.
i know i'd have fun painting them myself too.
i did a bit of research and installation can be a little tricky.
we'd be dealing with a combo of swedish & american hardware.
so it's not quite as simple as it sounds.
but my head is swirling with furniture leg shapes & painted designs!

feeling so inspired right now!

what do you think?

Thursday, February 13, 2014


took sweet little v to ballet lessons,
just before she turned 2 years old.
she loved it of course.
i was one proud mama!

did you put your little ones in dance class?
did they like it?