Tuesday, January 31, 2012

antique baby blessing gown.

this gown is over 100 years old and is handmade.
it was given to violet by her nana's best friend, marsha.
i cried when i opened it at the baby shower.
so special! i just love the lace detailing!
it didn't quite fit violet when we were ready to bless her,
but it will forever be a family heirloom.

i just realized,
 i never shared photos from the baby shower that will's mom's friends threw.
it was gorgeous! every little detail was so special.
it was pink & white themed, and we had asian food :)

 loved the cute pink lemonade bottles.

 the candy bar was adorable!
 here i am opening the blessing gown gift!
 the wonderful ladies who hosted the shower.
 me and violet's nanas.
they really spoiled violet and me!

2011 in review.

fun happenings of last year to remember...

in january i started teaching full-time. busy busy!
our sweet nephew baby kaleb was born.

in march we took a trip with our siblings to the channel islands.
we took a ferry, hiked, and it was gorgeous!

the day we got home from our trip, we found out we were preggo!
we announced it to our families on will's birthday.

in the summer we got to go to australia & new zealand for 2 weeks!
i never blogged this trip! sad! i hereby promise to!
we got to visit with my lovely sis in brisbane.
baby blake was born in june! my cute little aussie nephew!

we moved to our new place in august.
we love it! lots of space and it feels like a real house.
we've been so happy here!
the day before we moved, 
we shot TWO weddings in one day...while i was 7 months pregnant!
it was insanely awesome! i hurt so badly after! (wedding #1 & #2)

i started a new semester of full-time teaching,
and in september i did a lot of nesting in prep for baby girl.
this pretty baby shower really helped me get ready!

october...lots more nesting...
a beautiful crafty-vintage baby shower thrown by violet's aunties.
the hubby & i celebrated our 3 year anniversary!
took some super fun maternity photos with my giant bump.
i was a pregnant ballerina for halloween (no photos for a reason) 
and will made a cute samurai.

in november i started my maternity leave from teaching & photography.
celebrated my 28th b-day! old.

and then, on 11-13-11...violet came!!!!
the 2nd best day of my life! (the 1st is our wedding day!)

in december we had lots of visitors.
baby girl turned 1 month old.
and we celebrated violet's 1st christmas!
she met santa!

wow! we feel truly blessed to have had so many good experiences,
and have so many memories to cherish from the past year!
i'm also remembering 2010. life is good :)
we are wishing you all an amazing 2012!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

around the house.

some fun home decor pins off my pinterest boards.
it's fun to dream up how i'd like to decorate our space.
i'm loving greens, blues & yellows.

Friday, January 20, 2012


my maternity leave ends on monday.
10 weeks, not too shabby.
it's been a wonderful break.
this semester i'll only be teaching 2 nights a week, and will is going to watch violet.

i'm hoping i can stay organized this year with baby on the brain!!!
photo via pinterest

Monday, January 16, 2012

two months!

oh my goodness.
two months old!
violet is so much fun now.
instead of fussing, she loves to talk and look at her mommy & daddy.
she is as smiley as can be.
she is sleeping so much better at night! 11 hours, and only waking up twice to eat!
she is starting to nap better during the day too!
and she is so much fun to dress up and tote around town like my little doll.
we love hanging out with her so much!