Wednesday, January 11, 2012

violet's nursery.

we moved in august so luckily our future baby's room was a blank canvas.
i had so much fun decorating it.
somehow i got it all finished before she came.
when i was pregnant, i'd sit in the rocking chair,
and think about our little baby girl.
it was such a calm and peaceful place.

now i get to rock my little baby in there,
and put her down in her sweet little crib.
i love it!
here is a tour of violet's nursery.

this is what you see when you first walk in...
(we later put up some curtains!)

main colors are yellow & blue,
but there is also a rainbow theme going on.
the chevron rug is from urban outfitters.

by her door i hung a sunburst clock,
and installed a baroque switchplate.

 two-tone modern crib.

will and i made the yarn-wrapped letters together.
cardboard letters, yarn, & a little glue-gunning.

i planned on making her bedding, but found some good deals & this just came together.
vintage afghan, vintage crib bumper, floral crib sheet, & yellow gingham crib skirt

her stuffed animals were all gifts.
owlelephant. the monster was handmade by my friend carly!

on the right of her crib is her changing table.
changing table. baskets. the picture is vintage.

i love her yellow ottoman.
it doubles as a roomy storage bench for her blankets & sheets.

here is my favorite little corner of her room.
we bought the chair at an estate sale in our neighborhood.
i couldn't believe how perfectly it matched her room!
the pillow is from urban outfitters.

the little yellow shelves are vintage.
the bird cage is from michael's ($1) and spray painted.
the bird was thrifted ($1).

the headband tree is from ross (it's for hanging jewelry).
the gold-framed mirror is vintage.
the 3 vintage harlequin doll paintings are vintage.
the other 2 frames are thrifted but the art is by nan lawson.

another one of my favorite parts of her room...
the closet! this little lady has already collected quite the wardrobe.

and there you have it. 
it's probably my favorite room of the house :)

the blackout curtains we later put up & decorated.


  1. What a darling room! You have excellent taste by the way. I especially love the letters (may have to steal that idea) and that cute little owl. Beautiful daughter. Beautiful room.

  2. Adorable! I love it all. It's so great that you and Will hand picked everything in that room. It makes it so special.

    May I suggest making black out curtains?? She'll sleep in longer. It will save you!

  3. Her room is very sweet, and i love her rocking chair, so cozy!

  4. I love it, it's so pretty! great job.

  5. super cute! i love it. who better deserving of that awesome room than your sweet little violet?

  6. Her room is so so beautiful. I love the yarn wrapped letters. Such a great idea and personal! I also really love that ottoman. Wish I had your knack for putting things together. :)

  7. I love her room. I love how you were so careful with every detail! Love the ottoman/storage bench! Look at all of those clothes!! I hope she's been able to wear most of them!

  8. What a sweet little nursery. It looks like violet has quite the collection of vintage dresses, too sweet!