Thursday, February 24, 2011

costco trip.

i have so much fun at costco with this cute little pair...
and we always end with churros :)

top 25 bands.

photo from

here are my top 25 most listened to bands,
according to my most recently updated itunes.

1. she & him
2. edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros
3. discovery
4. passion pit
5. phoenix
6. butterfly bones
7. friendly fires
8. two white horses
9. yeasayer
10. vampire weekend
11. magic wands
12. broken social scene
13. surfer blood
14. fleet foxes
15. grizzly bear
16. empire of the sun
17. two door cinema club
18. beach house
19. rainbow arabia
20. the shins
21. black kids
22. the xx
23. feathers
24. wolf gang
25. wild nothing

do we have some in common?
what are some of your top listened to bands?
ps: i can't stop listening to this pretty song.

Friday, February 18, 2011

the steelwells.

we just did a neat feature on the indie/folk band
the steelwells
over at

click HERE to check it out.

we have a free mp3 for you to download,
an exclusive interview for you to read,
and most importantly, you can find out how you can help.

help the steelwells make the cover of rolling stone magazine.

thank you much.

owls in japan.

took this snapshot of some ceramic owls through a storefront window somewhere in japan.

it makes me happy.
i'm feeling quite frumpy today.
should i wash my hair, or not?
i'm still in my pajamas, just got caught up on emails,
but now feeling overhwelmed...
i often have so much to do that i don't know where to start.
do you know that feeling?
i practically have to make lists OF my lists of things to do.
i hope to have a productive weekend,
and to have some of fun on monday (no class!).

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

this year's v-day.

on valentine's day, i taught 2 classes and will worked.
will rang the doorbell around 6 with a gorgeous mixed bouquet behind his back.
we took a nice walk to claim jumper,
stuffed ourselves with delicious food,
and then ordered this masterpiece...

chocolate chip calzone.

we ate as much of it as we could,
and were totally ashamed of ourselves.
then we decided to go buy a movie.
we walked to blockbuster, but it was shut down.
we walked to ross, but the pickings were slim.
we walked to albertson's, and redboxed "date night".
then we walked home together, hand in hand,
and cuddled and watched a movie.

it may sound ordinary,
but it was one of the best valentine's days ever.
most of the nights we are home "together",
but we are both working. will on web design, and me on lecture prep or photos.
on valentine's day, it was SO NICE to just make the whole focus of the night on each other.
no distractions, no obligations, no interruptions.
our goal for the night was to simply enjoy each other.
i loved our conversations and i loved having so much time to look into his pretty green eyes.
he's quite perfect.
thank you, william, for being such a rockstar.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

valentine's mix cd.

the classic mix cd (paying tribute to the nostalgia of mix tapes) 
is always a thoughtful gift.
kind over matter offers a free
printable romantic & retro-inspired cd sleeve.

some possible v-day mix songs:

"so insane" - discovery
"animal arithmetic" - jonsi
"don't be shy" - cat stevens
"sugar town" - nancy sinatra
"islands" - the xx
"sweet darlin'" - she & him
"what are we waiting for" - amiina (tracked it down!!)
"lover of mine" - beach house
"location" - freelance whales
"sweet disposition" - the temper trap
"question" - rhett miller
"groovy kind of love" - phil collins
"all is love" - karen o. & the kids
"never my love" - the association
"i just called to say i love you" - stevie wonder
"god only knows" (cover) - kiersten holine
"dreaming" - feldberg
"dreams" (cover) - passion pit
"everywhere" - fleetwood mac
"walking on a dream" - empire of the sun
"40 day dream" - edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros

Friday, February 11, 2011

valentine's day is almost here.

i think we will keep valentine's low key this year, but i still get excited.

i LOVE twine. and i love this twine heart garland.
i like that they aren't the traditional colors.
but i might use burgundy yarn on some.

cute yarn hearts to hang in the window.

here is last year's wrapup of valentine's DIY stuff:

the little book i made for will (52 things i love about you)
still fun to look at together.

and pretty red velvet cookies...
i think i'll make these this weekend.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

new "old" cameras.

yes, film is fun. and yes, i am obsessed with all things vintage.
but how i would love to own a retro-style digital point & shoot camera.
we would have so much fun together!

fujifilm finepix x100
photo via

aww...wouldn't mind a teeny tiny digital rolleiflex either!
photo via

bhldn. anthro's bridal collection.

i die when i look at the new bridal collection from the geniuses behind anthropologie.
absolutely unbelievable...
photo from

visit their website. it's like a little bit of heaven.
and, if you can help me find the song that's playing, i will be forever yours.
it's foreign. i did a lot of searching and i can't find it on itunes.
"what are we waiting for...just pick up your shoes and go."
laulab amiina.
i'll figure it out someday.
[UPDATE: it's called "what are we waiting for?" by amiina - available on itunes]

back to the gowns. i absolutely LOVE texture & depth in fashion.
the collection is truly celestial, and so full of character.

here's my favorite gown (not to mention i love how it's styled):
a few more pretties:
photos are via

bhldn's official launch will be on feb. 14th.
here are some dreamy teaser images from their site:

Friday, February 4, 2011


these new anthro aprons kill me with their cuteness!

i want to try to make my own version of this first one especially,
minus the white pocket.