Wednesday, February 16, 2011

this year's v-day.

on valentine's day, i taught 2 classes and will worked.
will rang the doorbell around 6 with a gorgeous mixed bouquet behind his back.
we took a nice walk to claim jumper,
stuffed ourselves with delicious food,
and then ordered this masterpiece...

chocolate chip calzone.

we ate as much of it as we could,
and were totally ashamed of ourselves.
then we decided to go buy a movie.
we walked to blockbuster, but it was shut down.
we walked to ross, but the pickings were slim.
we walked to albertson's, and redboxed "date night".
then we walked home together, hand in hand,
and cuddled and watched a movie.

it may sound ordinary,
but it was one of the best valentine's days ever.
most of the nights we are home "together",
but we are both working. will on web design, and me on lecture prep or photos.
on valentine's day, it was SO NICE to just make the whole focus of the night on each other.
no distractions, no obligations, no interruptions.
our goal for the night was to simply enjoy each other.
i loved our conversations and i loved having so much time to look into his pretty green eyes.
he's quite perfect.
thank you, william, for being such a rockstar.

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