Thursday, October 29, 2009

catchy good

i want to be the girl on the bottom left.

will's pumpkins past


i LOVE this pumpkin.


sucky...i can't find a photo of his pumpkin. these photos suck...they are super small. so i can't blow this up to find his pumpkin. just know that it was definitely the coolest and most creative of the bunch. don't worry, the vest makes an appearance this year too.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

yo gabba gabba live

there's a party in my city! (coming to LA)

win tickets here:

check out tour dates here:

i was going to get to be in the live show as an extra but instead they are doublecasting.
too bad, i wanted to see the world and wear a carrot costume on the weekends.
i did get to film this season as an extra in 3 or so episodes.
i will keep you posted as to when they come out.
one is with angela from the office (she is SUPER nice, we got to eat lunch with her),
the bugs episode with weezer,
a music video with the sounds (lead singer mia is gorgeous and we also got to eat lunch with her, very sweet),
another episode but i forget which. good times, super fun.

a bunch of us were extras in season 1, dancing with the salteens, seems like forever ago.
you can see me at about 1 min 55 sec and then towards the end a quick close up.
blond wig, blue leotard, denim skirt and pink cowboy boots.
the best part was we got to wear anything silly out of wardrobe.

ps wardrobe at yo gabba gabba is my favorite place on set. i just want to steal all the fabrics and trims, well i also want to steal the workspace, and just make stuff. or just watch julia make stuff because she is amazing (remember, she is the one who made the gorgeous embellishment on the hip of my wedding gown)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i made an owl.

i made an owl...

i really like how it turned out.

mom made the cutest skull i've ever seen.

dad made a sad ghost.

will made "drag me to hell"

not his best work. maybe i'll put some oldies up later this week.

we made lots of spooky cool decorations...can't wait for our halloween party! wanna come?


i wish i could play the drums more. we have to keep them at will's parents because we live in an apartment. but i do love bangin on the drums all day with will shredding on the guitar. check out this good song.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

halloween party #1

party at the clawsons, super amazing, great company, killer desserts and a super scary spook alley.
will is a skeleton (if you haven't seen the daft punk video for "around the world"...oh well)...homemade costume. duct tape!
i am a ghostly gal (sorry, i had only a few minutes to get ready)

thumbs down to my point & shoot, although the grain did seem to add to the mood of this photo.

our 1st wedding anniversary

so, my amazing husband surprised me with a 5 day cruise to cabo san lucas for our 1 year wedding anniversary. it was SUPER COOL!

-seeing seals, sharks, dolphins jumping, flying fish, and jellyfish off the side of the ship!
-eating the best carne asada ever in a tiny "restaurant" in mexico
-eating all the fancy gourmet food in the dining room (will had escargot, lobster, duck.)
-eating nonstop desserts
-going to the buffet immediately AFTER eating in the dining room (will had sushi nightly)
-will won 3rd place in the ping pong tournament and won a bronze medal
-horseback riding on the beach
-taking a water taxi to lover's beach
-pancho the seal swimming up by our water taxi
-dining each night with an awesome couple from brea who was also celebrating their 1 year wedding anniversary
-spending 5 nights and 5 days STRAIGHT with my hubby
-hearing our 1st dance song, 3 TIMES on the day of our anniversary ("fools rush in") - will had some amazing musicians play it for us, and we also heard it 2 other times that day playing throughout the ship
-the BEAUTIFUL radiance of the seas!
-touching airplanes with sara & dave?

-i left all my favorite workout clothes in a drawer on the cruise ship, never recovered
-sea legs! 3 days worth.

a little review....awww :) he is so good to me. and so dreamy!

(wedding photos by amelia lyon)