Wednesday, October 28, 2009

yo gabba gabba live

there's a party in my city! (coming to LA)

win tickets here:

check out tour dates here:

i was going to get to be in the live show as an extra but instead they are doublecasting.
too bad, i wanted to see the world and wear a carrot costume on the weekends.
i did get to film this season as an extra in 3 or so episodes.
i will keep you posted as to when they come out.
one is with angela from the office (she is SUPER nice, we got to eat lunch with her),
the bugs episode with weezer,
a music video with the sounds (lead singer mia is gorgeous and we also got to eat lunch with her, very sweet),
another episode but i forget which. good times, super fun.

a bunch of us were extras in season 1, dancing with the salteens, seems like forever ago.
you can see me at about 1 min 55 sec and then towards the end a quick close up.
blond wig, blue leotard, denim skirt and pink cowboy boots.
the best part was we got to wear anything silly out of wardrobe.

ps wardrobe at yo gabba gabba is my favorite place on set. i just want to steal all the fabrics and trims, well i also want to steal the workspace, and just make stuff. or just watch julia make stuff because she is amazing (remember, she is the one who made the gorgeous embellishment on the hip of my wedding gown)


  1. Dacia (who will be 2 next month) is OBSESSED with YGG. We watch it all day long. I wish they were coming to DC. Which episodes are you in? I have like 25 saved to my dvr.

  2. I love that you found the YGG clip we are in. Such a fun memory!