Thursday, May 22, 2008

you asked for it, so here it is...

it's the prettiest thing i own.

cowboy bbq! yeehaw.

thank you to all the cowboys and cowgirls who came to my graduation party! thank you especially to jenessa, shawni, will, and my mom for helping with food and setup. it was so great to get everyone together!

also i promise to later on post a closeup photo of my ring since many of you have requested one! my ring is PERFECT! way to go will!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the biggest day of my life.

saturday i graduated with my master's degree.......
and got engaged to william!!!!!!!!
will performed the most amazing and romantic proposal...
it could not have been more special or perfect!
it involved bike riding, thai food, sunset, our favorite beach,
a song written just for me, and the most beautiful ring i could ever imagine!
i'm the luckiest girl ever!

here are photos from my graduation ceremony and lunch afterwards with my family.

Friday, May 16, 2008

foto fun

actually, i wound up with the rebel, long story but i'm glad it's settled. today danielle and i are going to go shoot together. i'm also going to shoot ozma tonight in hollywood. so happy to break in my new camera on the day it arrived!
update: click here to see my photos from shooting ozma.

we're also going to go see the andy warhol photo exhibit today. i'm so happy that i have finally free time to do things like this.

Friday, May 9, 2008

ready to pounce.

not only did i submit my thesis proposal to the irb today, i also turned in my last school assignments and then bought this "serious weapon"......

it was between the nikon d60 and the canon rebel xti. from what i have been learning i am in love with both. i went with the nikon. it'll be here next week and i can't wait to get outside with it! i am loving being done with school and am amazed with all of the things i am getting to accomplish with the extra time. i have so much to do this summer and i'm so pumped!

special thanks to all my photographer friends that shared their advice!