Tuesday, November 30, 2010

my new niece.

i am so very lucky!

introducing katherine victoria meier...
today is her zero-th birthday. she is only 5 hours old in these photos.
so glad i took my camera. i will cherish these!

congrats josh and laura!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

hiking and camping.

so, this weekend was tons of fun.
the food was great,
and the family was even better.
between all the eating,
we managed to go on 2 hikes,
and 1 camping over-nighter.
yes i have lots of photos to share.
here is one for now.
i have lots of photo catch up to do don't i?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

day before thanksgiving kitchen activity.

happy day before thanksgiving!
what are you making for tomorrow?
i am baking....(tonight, in my pajamas, socks, and an apron...)

recipe and photo from college candy.

also i wanted to make the legendary
recipe and photo from picky palate.

every store i went to today (albertson's, michael's, and target)
has sold and/or put away
all their fall/thanksgiving stuff :(
no more pumpkin spice hershey kisses.
no fall-themed mini cupcake liners for my truffles.
goodbye pumpkins, leaves.
i have really been trying to stretch out fall.
my house is still covered with lots of pretty colors
of pumpkins and gourds and things.
i think they'll stay up a few more days,
and then go into the compost heap.

so, anyway, since i couldn't find the pumpkin hershey kisses,
i am going to use butterscotch chips instead!
i love cookies that have a LOT going on!!!

lastly, i am going to whip up some string beans...
french cut string beans, stir fried,
with sliced mushrooms, freshly cooked bacon bits, and garlic.
i hope they turn out good!

see what i made last year HERE.
(ie, pumpkin cream cheese truffles!!)

what are you making?
any good thanksgiving recipes to share?

Monday, November 22, 2010

a new thanksgiving outfit.

poor will.
this is supposed to be "our" blog,
yet i blog about fashion, baking and crafts.

i have the week off from teaching this week!
i will be grading lots of papers and catching up on photos.
also i am starting to think about thursday.
i know is is high time to count my blessings.
but of course it's fun to dream up a new thanksgiving outfit.

this coat...
patterned tights in a neutral color...
and these cute little oxford booties.
so maybe i sort of already have these shoes.
except mine are darker brown, patent vinyl, and more pointed.
also, they don't have the cute little perforations.
totally different right?

the best thing about the coat is that the collar is removable.
i would definitely use it as much as possible.
it's silly but sweet.
also the coat comes in yellow, with a charcoal ribbon.
i actually love it even more than the turquoise...
but i need to stop buying yellow sweaters and coats.
it's gotten sort of out of hand!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

recipe for a perfect sunday morning.

heater and fireplace on.
sufjan stevens.
pumpkin waffles + whipped cream (whipped by hand) + raspberries + powdered sugar.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

bead shopping.

i definitely fantasize about making and selling anthropologie-type jewelry.
one time i spent hours and hours researching supplies.
then i snapped out of it, and remembered how
i already have a ridiculous amount of things on my plate already.
and while i have dabbled in very simple jewelry-making,
i have never made anything close to being this nice.
the world of tutorials has made all things possible! :)

i really love this.. especially in this robin's egg blue color. let's make some!
it'd be a sweet bracelet too.

Friday, November 19, 2010

old things.

if you have been to my house you know that i am a collector of old things.
vintage, antique, one of a kind, mixed and matched.
i have a lot of old books that i love too.
i love the yellowed pages, but i hate the stinky musty smell when you read them.
i heard you can put them in the freezer to get the rid of the smell.
it works, but then it comes back!
remember this post when i did a roundup of diy paper flowers?
this one is one of my faves... [tutorial here]
would be cuter with antiqued paper right?
instead of floral tape and green floral wire,
i think i would use skewers or branches, and masking tape,
to keep the natural earthy tones.
and look what i found!
free printable vintage sheet music!
antique-looking paper that doesn't stink!
so fun!
here is the link for the paper!
thank you graphics fairy for sharing!

so, print it cut it roll it scrunch it tape it vase it love it show it off!
(read that part in a daft punk voice...then download this app and dance)

happy friday!
this month is insanely crazy busy!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


so, things have been good lately.
busy, but good!
here's what's been going on...

i turned 27 on the 9th! 
had a fun little party with indian food, sprinkles cupcakes, and mochi ice cream.
i have photos to share, sometime when i have the chance.
i got my free pan from albertson's! 
well it cost me 60 "stamps" and a penny.
not only that, but a food processor came in the mail for me.
thank you william :)
i am feeling more and more domesticated as i get older.
a bunch of she & him vinyls came in the mail for me!
(also an awesome b-day present from the hubby)
i can't wait to bake and listen to them.
i love playing records while i bake.
i have been eating these mint truffles nonstop for weeks.
it's seriously ridiculous how good they are.
sometimes i wonder how much weight i am gaining by eating them...
but then i eat another to distract myself.
my photography has been keeping me busy. 
lots of portrait sessions right now, and weddings coming up too.
it's so much fun!
also, i will be teaching FULL-TIME next semester in the psych dept.
it's going to be intense! i'm so excited!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

aunt trudy.

i have a pretty amazing aunt.

trudy, i will miss you dearly,
but i know i'll see you again.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

my DIY owl costume & halloween at the ace!

halloween at the ace hotel.
smilebooth rocked our worlds!

details on my DIY owl costume:

1) buy a used pillowcase from the thrift store & wash it.
mine happened to be jersey so it was nice and comfy, with a little stretch.

2) cut out a hole for the neck and two holes for the arms.

3) on cardstock or paper, draw up a template for the feathers and cut it out.

4) pick out a bunch of fabrics in whatever colors/textures suit your fancy!
i used gold metallic, yellow felt, brown wool, dark tan corduroy,
and beige, brown & orange cotton.

5) trace the template onto those fabrics about a million times.
try folding your fabric and cutting out 2 or more feathers at a time,
depending on how thick your fabric is.

6) get out your sewing machine.
starting at the bottom of your pillowcase,
line up a row of feathers in whatever pattern you like.
i staggered my rows so that each feather's point covered up a gap between the lower feathers.
pin on the row of feathers.

7) sew away!
i used gold thread & a zig zag stitch,
but you don't have to be neat -
the thread will only show on the top row of feathers.

8) i made a little headband with fabric scraps,
some stretchy brown elastic, and buttons for eyes.

add some leggings (i wore gold) and you'll be comfy all night :)

my costume inspiration: here and here.
will's costume inspiration: here and here.
will was willie nelson.
he had a long grey braid, in case you couldn't see it.

more photos from the night HERE.
fun night with fun friends!

love love love halloween :)
i just bought a new container,
and lovingly placed my halloween decorations inside.
i will miss my little skeletons hanging from my front door.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

me as foofa.

oh my goodness....

i mentioned this before...it turned out so awesome!

here is foofa's commercial for the new yo gabba gabba vans shoes children's line.
[buy your ygg vans shoes HERE]

and guess what? that is little old ME doing bike tricks inside foofa...

how rad is the bike?

and here's a bad photo of me with the pro bmx riders from the vans team.
a prime example of why you don't photograph people in the sun in the middle of the day.

it was a hot day and i was super sore for a few days after,
but it was so fun and i love how it turned out!
the yo gabba gabba team is so RAD!
seriously, the most creative people i know.
i hope they never stop creating.
they are launching the new commercials on their blog

also a new episode called "fairy tale" is premiering tomorrow at 11:30 am so be ready!
i've seen it and it's super cool! watch it!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

halloween costume: owl.

beginning stages...

i don't even have any photos in my DIY owl costume :(

i'm hoping some will pop up online sooner or later.
i put a lot of work into that costume and i want to remember it!

ps i may have caught a cold.
i had my soup and vitamins today,
but instead of a nap i am off to a photo shoot.
wish me luck...

happy monday!