Wednesday, November 17, 2010


so, things have been good lately.
busy, but good!
here's what's been going on...

i turned 27 on the 9th! 
had a fun little party with indian food, sprinkles cupcakes, and mochi ice cream.
i have photos to share, sometime when i have the chance.
i got my free pan from albertson's! 
well it cost me 60 "stamps" and a penny.
not only that, but a food processor came in the mail for me.
thank you william :)
i am feeling more and more domesticated as i get older.
a bunch of she & him vinyls came in the mail for me!
(also an awesome b-day present from the hubby)
i can't wait to bake and listen to them.
i love playing records while i bake.
i have been eating these mint truffles nonstop for weeks.
it's seriously ridiculous how good they are.
sometimes i wonder how much weight i am gaining by eating them...
but then i eat another to distract myself.
my photography has been keeping me busy. 
lots of portrait sessions right now, and weddings coming up too.
it's so much fun!
also, i will be teaching FULL-TIME next semester in the psych dept.
it's going to be intense! i'm so excited!

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