Sunday, December 28, 2008

yo gabba gabba & the aquabats @ henry fonda (12/12)

if you haven't heard of yo gabba gabba yet, i'm sorry.
it's the funnest/coolest kids tv show ever.
how fun to have them perform live!
unfortunately i wasn't able to photograph all of the characters.
the fonda was pretty strict about only letting us shoot the first 3 songs.
but it was great!
poor brobee lost his mouth for a minute there but it all worked out in the end.

if you ever want to see me in a blond wig, leotard, jean skirt with ruffles, and pink cowboy boots,
you can watch the episode of yo gabba gabba with the salteens.
i am dancing with a big group of friends near the end of their song. too fun!

ollie-i take tons of pictures of ruth's kids. this face had just gotten into the chocolate fountain. thanks for the awesome backstage buffet!

i love dj lance. hi mossi!

the aquabats were super fun, as usual...i love to see them because they were my favorite band when i was 14 years old. a whole 11 years ago...they've come so far! ruth's oldest son max crowdsurfed and i took tons of photos!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i got christmas fever

last year. holiday party with my "boyfriend."

this year. hot cocoa on the orange circle with sarah & amrah.

Monday, December 15, 2008

sara is soon to be mrs. leckey!

i am so excited for my sister-in-law! dave and sara plan to be wed this coming june. i am so happy for her ! wait til you see her ring! so...that makes 2 king weddings in 2008 and 2 king weddings in 2009. wow!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

we made christmas stockings!

last night we bundled up reaaaal good and walked to thai food and had the best sticky rice with mango ever. then we listened to christmas music, ate christmas candy, and made christmas stockings. it was the best! i love hanging out with my husband! too bad we only get one free night alone together each week. it's like we're still dating or something?!

Monday, December 8, 2008

holiday party

the story of the holiday party.

early in the white elephant gift exchange, will k scored with an authentic mexican getup.

heather learned that chuck norris doesn't wear a watch...he decides what time it is.

skyler got a walking stick. all i will say is that it's a good thing this was the only photo i got of him opening it!

ryan got a man thong. i'm pretty sure this was set up ahead of time.

i believe the man thong was stolen by craig and promptly put on. the "put it on" chants were in vain because it always goes on regardless.
kenny stole the chuck norris folders because he thought it was cool that chuck norris got his tonsils taken out with a chainsaw. jill scored a precious and delicate christmas gift for her mom-in-law.
heather fought hard to finagle the geela wrap but it was to give to a preggo lady, sweet huh? julie windes i think.
will k should have won the ornament contest hands down, but unfortunately late submissions were frowned upon. he was really upset that he did not get to take home the cats 2009 calendar prize.
check out will's homemade christmas tree ornament. it even has flaps that open up. i didn't make an ornament but i made a headband, check it out upon my lil readhead. my heart broke when i did not win the "dancing like a robot/light up/livin la vida loca skeleton wearing a skeleton suit costume," fortunately my soon-to-be-brother-in-law swapped a deal and delivered it to my anxious hands! will walked out with a fuzzy sheep neck pillow which he stole from the aforementioned pregnant girl.
why is this sideways? oh well. here's me and skelly! I LOVE HIM!!!!!
skelly, that reminds me of kelly - how did i miss getting photos of the engaged couple????

Saturday, December 6, 2008

people liked our wedding

people liked our wedding/photos! how fun!!

found this off a comment on our wedding post on

my friend gwyn emailed me this, lots of amelia's wedding photos of us are up on the site.

haha i noticed this when looking for a professor's email address, yikes!

for those of you into hair...

check out my new red shaggy layered a-line cut! thanks to nicole who is SOOOOOO WONDERFULLLL!! it was time for a change. we tried to do this color last summer but it didn't work hair is super stubborn. but now it's up and at 'em! if you are ready for a change talk to miss nicole thompson stat!

today we laughed about this...

Monday, December 1, 2008

our special day!!!

check out our amazing wedding photos
 taken by amelia and justin lyon!!
also make sure to check out this
to see a lot more of our wedding photos!

after we were sealed in the newport beach lds temple,
we took some photos together on the temple grounds.

my flowers were done by my talented friend julia.
i went for a monochromatic but textury bunch.
i was so happy i got to incorporate peacock feathers throughout my wedding...
in my hair, bouquet, and in vases at the reception!

then we took the wedding party to shoot in old town orange,
which is right near our apartment.

my bridesmaids looked hot in green and gold!
i wore gold heels and gold dangly leaf earrings too.

it was so fun designing my own dress! it turned out PERFECT!!!

i just HAD to climb on this bike, it was calling out to me.
if you know me you know how much i love bikerides.
i look like i'm comfortable perched up here but i'm not.

my gorgeous bridesmaids: heather, jenessa, shawni, and kelly.

my favorite shot of my husband! DREAMY!

a sweet little antiques shop that we ducked inside for a couple photos.
this was perfect because i LOVE all things vintage!!!
such a rad shot!

our wedding reception was mostly asian-themed...
mochi ice cream balls, hanging lanterns, orchids and stones in the centerpieces...
chopsticks, sushi, teriyaki chicken/steak, rice, edamame, japanese snacks, fortune cookie favors...
you get the idea. i bought almost everything myself and assembled it too.

first dance as husband and wife :)
little brothers, cousins, and nephews. cute gold ties!!
loved everything about this perfect day :)