Sunday, December 28, 2008

yo gabba gabba & the aquabats @ henry fonda (12/12)

if you haven't heard of yo gabba gabba yet, i'm sorry.
it's the funnest/coolest kids tv show ever.
how fun to have them perform live!
unfortunately i wasn't able to photograph all of the characters.
the fonda was pretty strict about only letting us shoot the first 3 songs.
but it was great!
poor brobee lost his mouth for a minute there but it all worked out in the end.

if you ever want to see me in a blond wig, leotard, jean skirt with ruffles, and pink cowboy boots,
you can watch the episode of yo gabba gabba with the salteens.
i am dancing with a big group of friends near the end of their song. too fun!

ollie-i take tons of pictures of ruth's kids. this face had just gotten into the chocolate fountain. thanks for the awesome backstage buffet!

i love dj lance. hi mossi!

the aquabats were super fun, as usual...i love to see them because they were my favorite band when i was 14 years old. a whole 11 years ago...they've come so far! ruth's oldest son max crowdsurfed and i took tons of photos!

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