Tuesday, October 28, 2008

tyin the knot...

these are random photos from our wedding day taken by jenessa and some friends. we won't have our official wedding photos for quite awhile.
it was such a beautiful day!
we were sealed at the newport beach temple at 11am. then we went out on the grounds for photos. we took the bridal party went out to lunch at kimera, then headed to olde town orange for more photos. then the family met at craig park for more photos, then we all met up at the reception where we partied it up! then will and i stayed in the marriott suites near disneyland, and left for aruba the next evening. everything went perfectly! honeymoon pics to come.

for the record, this is what my cake was supposed to look like. it didn't but it still tasted amazing! we had a lot more people then expected so i'm so sorry we ran out of truffles and mochi ice cream so fast! :)

our first steps out into the world as newlyweds.

3 of my beautiful bridesmaids!
my beautiful sister-in-law tess and niece jordyn.
my big bro dan and nephew treyden.
we stopped by our place to drop off a few cars.

my hot bridesmaids just getting to kimera for lunch.
we were so amazed at the transformation of the cultural hall! the black canopy was perfect! everything had an asian flair. mmm sushi!
our first dance as hubby & wife!
hillary caught my bouquet, of course!! isn't it beautiful? notice the peacock feather accents. there were also a few peacock feathers in my hair somewhere. julia did my flowers!!! so talented!
my little sister taniya, brian redd, and her friend ariana.
hot girls jenessa, kristina and shawni.
dance party! dj bones!!
our car was decorated splendidly with FROSTING! this was very dangerous...we put on the wiper fluid to clear it off and we couldn't see a thing!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


i have less than 36 hours left until i become the wife of william joseph.
everything is going perfectly!
our new apartment is amazing and our wedding day is completely planned.
i love my dress and i'm so excited for our honeymoon!
we're getting millions of blessings every single day!
can't wait til friday! i feel like the luckiest girl ever.

Monday, October 6, 2008

MSTRKRFT live @ the glasshouse 9/30/08

this was intense, MSTRKRFT spinning their amazing beats for like 2 hours straight, luckily i was able to shoot from onstage so had a pretty good side view of the booth. i shot for an hour or so, then was dancing it up the rest of the time, hoping my camera was not being shaken to bits. i met jesse from MSTRKRFT a couple of years ago in 04 or 05, when he was selling merch at a death from above show in LA (this was before they had to add the 1979 to their name because of the dfa label) which was very exciting because for a long time they were my most favorite band, anyway, it was super fun to get to photograph them and dance the night away! they were amazing!! the opening DJs were great too, felix cartal and congorock, from canada and italy, very nice guys too. sorry, didn't edit these images either. best dance party in a loooong time!

photos of CSS live @ the glasshouse 9/24/08

sorry, these images are raw, i don't have time to edit.
TILLY AND THE WALL were a lot of fun,
i think they raided the halloween sections at a couple thrift stores for this tour,
and the tap dancing was intense. i was surprised that they weren't very friendly.

CSS was insane.
they are from brazil, and i missed them 2 years ago when they toured,
so i was glad to catch them this time,
although i don't love them half as much as when i first heard them.
i was super happy to join them on stage for a dance party at the end of the show!!!
it was an intense night.

opening band - tilly and the wall

and the headliners... CSS