Thursday, May 31, 2012

a visit from grandma.

my mom came to stay with us for a week,
while she visited her brother who is sick.

we had so much fun spending time with her.
violet loved having her grandma around.
her grandma bought her this shirt...
"it's not easy being a princess"
so true.

i don't know how the TRIPOD got violet to smile but we were stoked!

i loved having my mom with us too.
we hung out a lot, went to lunch, went shopping, and had a lot of fun.
thrifting & filling up on sweets.

plus i got so much done!

we cleaned out our garage,
and even made a space to have jam sessions.

did some sewing...
made a grocery bag holder,
and some nursing covers for gifts.
next up i'm going to make violet some leggings.
i have to, because i left all the sewing stuff out for so long now!

made tons of baby food...

and i even put my mom to work.
she scrubbed out the pans i ruined oversteaming baby food,
scrubbed all the carrot babyfood stains out of violet's bibs,
and hung up all these little flowers on violet's blackout curtains.
i bought them at an estate sale when i was still pregnant,
and have been meaning to put them up in her room.

we were spoiled to have her visit for so long.
we miss her already!

Friday, May 25, 2012

instagrams: april catchup.

last month, in instagrams...

sushi picnic
took baby girl to her first art show (put on by one of the students i teach)
 she's wearing a sweater that used to be mine :)
 a date on a swing with baby lucas
 <3 ruffle rumps
 cutest matryoshka cake @ lucy's 1st b-day party
we walked for team ruby jane in the donate life run/walk
find out about the ruby jane foundation
 last month she got an activity center and she loves it (so do we)
 we LOVE her handmade romper from julie
now she needs to grow her hair back out to wear the felt hairclips she sent!
 baby leggings are always adorable!
 i read this one monday morning in bed, it was timely
 she can't get enough of her feet
 this is what i find when she wakes up from her naps
 we wear the same pants sometimes, unintentionally
 she is in charge of the shopping list

i know, i know, baby overload.
i just can't help myself.
this is my life now!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

radlab winner. chose comment #21...

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Friday, May 18, 2012

in the sun.

it's been so nice out!
our condo community has a big swimming pool,
but it also has a baby pool, 1 1/2 feet deep.

it was so warm and perfect to sit in
and let violet splash around yesterday.
she LOVES being in the water.
why is a baby kicking & splashing in water the cutest thing ever?!

 and she just loves eating in our backyard.
(she had rice cereal, mama ate everything else)
gave my last final exam last night.
just have to analyze & post grades today.
but basically, my summer starts today!!!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

totally rad! radlab photo editing software giveaway!

today we have a giveaway from totally rad!
i've blogged about them once before, here.
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i use totally rad's photoshop actions,
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i'm also a fan of their lightroom presets.

i LOVE how the effects are completely customizable,
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here's another example...on the left, a photo i took, straight out of the camera (no edits).
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i just love it!

there is a good chance you already use their actions or presets.
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

summer waves.

we've been having great weather lately!
and we're so lucky to live close to the beach,
it's about a 20 min drive.

and some polaroids.
violet putting her feet in the ocean for the first time!

i just bought her 2 packs of swim diapers.
hope we can use them up this summer!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

to daddy.

we send a photo like this to v's daddy at least once a day.
we miss him!
so looking forward to the weekend for family time!

australia trip (2011)

so i think i woke up at 4am or something.
i decided to get out of bed.
and look what i did!
i finished up our australia photos.

last june we went to australia to visit my sis,
who lives in brisbane with her hubby & son.
we were so lucky to be there when her son was born.
will and i rented a car,
and ran around the coast exploring,
until the end of our trip,
when baby blake was born.
what nice timing :)

i was also pregnant with violet.
the first time i felt her kick was lying on the beach in australia.
how fun is that?
it was so great to spend time with my sis & her hubby,
and see what her life is like living down under.

comparing our bumps.
my sis was overdue, and i was around 16 weeks.
 her cute house.
 first stop, the brisbane temple.

 a nice view of the city.

 we took a pretty hike.

 feeding the ibises
 exploring a park

 cute little koala

 we had SO much fun spending time with the kangaroos.

 we both had a baby in our pouch!

noosa beach

 and the arrival of sweet baby blake
(after my poor sis had the worst labor & delivery ever!)

what an amazing trip.
i can't wait to go back and stay with her again, so fun!