Friday, May 11, 2012

australia trip (2011)

so i think i woke up at 4am or something.
i decided to get out of bed.
and look what i did!
i finished up our australia photos.

last june we went to australia to visit my sis,
who lives in brisbane with her hubby & son.
we were so lucky to be there when her son was born.
will and i rented a car,
and ran around the coast exploring,
until the end of our trip,
when baby blake was born.
what nice timing :)

i was also pregnant with violet.
the first time i felt her kick was lying on the beach in australia.
how fun is that?
it was so great to spend time with my sis & her hubby,
and see what her life is like living down under.

comparing our bumps.
my sis was overdue, and i was around 16 weeks.
 her cute house.
 first stop, the brisbane temple.

 a nice view of the city.

 we took a pretty hike.

 feeding the ibises
 exploring a park

 cute little koala

 we had SO much fun spending time with the kangaroos.

 we both had a baby in our pouch!

noosa beach

 and the arrival of sweet baby blake
(after my poor sis had the worst labor & delivery ever!)

what an amazing trip.
i can't wait to go back and stay with her again, so fun!

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  1. Has it really been a whole year since you've been here? It was THE BEST having you guys here! I hope we can do it again some day... when I'm not a big as a house!