Saturday, November 29, 2008

thanksgiving with the fam.

we took a hike at crystal cove. such a beautiful day after the rain.

ice skaters

lookin tough.

trying to do the mexican walk but on ice skates.

showing off his gay smile.

trying to do a trick?

ballerina skills have gotten me ready to ice skate professionally.

will's idea.

just stretchin.

red ballerinas. :)

jill & kenny, elise & skyler, and will and i went ice skating last weekend. it was splendid! our first married people date since we've been married.
(these photos were taken by jill, and also are on elise's blog, if you've seen em twice already, well, lucky you!)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

congrats to my sis-in-law!!!

she is engaged to be married to mr. jason devilliers!
congratulations kelly, and happy 26th birthday also!!!

sister, and other-sister-in-law, you 2 are next...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

my 25th bday...


sushi and chocolate cake made my birthday complete. (thanks kevin for the peace sign hat)

and so did the card my little bro made for me.....

girls' night

grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup...check
homemade cookies n cream ice cream...check
say anything movie...check

ladies...come over and have girls' night with me!!
will is at work most nights.
ps i have a spa, tennis court and gym (for after we pig out on the ice cream).
by the way jenessa thanks for deleting the picture of you! wahhh

Monday, November 3, 2008

honeymooners in ARUBA

our honeymoon in aruba was amazing!
we were there for a week and ate gelato every single day!
oh yeah...we also snorkeled around shipwrecks, sailed on a pirate ship,
hung out with butterflies, tide pool creatures and lizards,
explored the island in a rented jeep, found a private beach,
ate lots of sushi, and got killer tans. as well as the worst mosquito bites ever!
it was a perfect trip.

first off, where is aruba anyway?
it's a tiny island only about 18 miles long by 5 miles wide, just above south america, but included in the islands of the carribbean.
the arubans all speak 4 languages: dutch, english, spanish, and papiamento. awesome!
here are our aruba photos...

we had a sushi bar in the lobby of our marriott, how lucky!

our room was the best!

the natural bridge. we bought pina coladas and chicken pastechis.

gold mill ruins? i think.

we rented a jeep and got lost offroading all over the island trying to find the hot spots.
look closely and you'll see a little goat in our path.

chillin on the beach by our hotel.

will drivin the jeep wrangler!

lava rock. we drove on this, scary!

we loved our jeep so much...

cruisin and getting lost.

we found our own private beach! boca grandi. totally empty and totally beautiful.

it reminded me of LOST!

gotta love pretty skies and silhouettes and makeouts.

more jeep. we drove in a lot of scary offroading places...
i am surprised they didn't charge us a bunch when we returned the jeep all nasty and rattling worse than when we got it.

goats in our way in the road. cool.

dutch-carribbean food. spicy!

jumping off a pirate ship!

snorkeling around shipwrecks!

lizards everywhere! on my flip flops.

huge iguanas everywhere!!!!


cool old boat washed up in the storm.

pretty butterfly!!

we took a walk to eagle beach one day...

and discovered some beautiful hidden tidepools with all sorts of sea creatures!

more fun lava rock.

after the hurricane passed by a lot of seaweed washed up and these big tractors came and cleared it away. so the beach by our resort didn't look too pretty on the last day.

such an amazing trip and a very unique place. we loved every minute of it!