Friday, September 21, 2012

dj lance family.

last month we got to wear dj lance costumes,
and dance on stage to film a yo gabba gabba vans commercial.
[remember when i got to be foofa on a bike? so fun!]

our brother-in-law jason was directing it.
so basically we just ran on stage,
dancing & happy.
v did pretty good job for her first time "acting".

look how funny we are...

and some more of the fam.

and dj lance and violet met for the first time. cuties.

she thought he was pretty neat.
especially since yo gabba gabba is the only tv show she likes.
she actually laughs at it and dances to it.

after we filmed the commercial,
the aquabats played.
this was actually her second aquabats concert.
but it was so loud,
so we went on the carousel while they played.
this was her second carousel ride too.
but this time her horsey went up & down!

it was a super fun day with the family.
lots of fun friends were there too.
we just love taking v on such fun adventures!

Monday, September 17, 2012

ballerina me.

finally scheduled some ME time into the week.
i'm so super excited...
going back to ballet, and i'm also starting a barre body class.

between everything i do...
running a photography business,
teaching 2 college classes,
taking care of a home,
and being mama to a baby who never stops going going going,
i NEED THIS! i'm so happy :)

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Friday, September 7, 2012

labor day.

last weekend was pretty crazy.
will went camping,
and we also shot a wedding on saturday.

labor day was a much needed family day.
we started out by going out to breakfast,
at our favorite spot - the original pancake house.
our niece charlie spent the night so she came along too.

there's something so special about going out to breakfast!
we couldn't resist buying these girls little headbands
at the dollar store while we waited for our table.
 but miss v wasn't going to wear hers for more than about 5 minutes.
 uncle will helped charlie color her menu.
and little v ate with her feet up on the table.
she had pancakes for the first time too :)
fresh squeezed orange juice, always!
chocolate chip pancakes. might as well eat a cupcake for breakfast.
what i ate. best pancakes ever.

we spent the rest of the day swimming in the pool
and pigging out...burgers for lunch, pizza for dinner :)
had my camera with me all day and of course didn't get it out.
you can't really carry a camera around when you're carrying a baby around!