Friday, June 20, 2008


wedding planning is going great! thanks to everyone who is helping me! it is incredibly busy!!! i'm busy on top of being busy. everyone tell ikea they suck for no longer doing wedding registries! it's hard that will and i hardly have time to hang out, and when we do, it's only for a couple of hours and usually involves wedding planning/errands. poor guy. i'm totally motivated to get this thing planned so i can relax as well as focus more on getting a new job and slamming my thesis down. and I MISS FREE TIME WITH WILL!!! last summer we ran around or rode bikes around or swam around all day and all night! now most days we're lucky to share a quick hug in the parking lot at we had a few hours and we managed to buy wedding decorations, plus enjoy swedish meatballs, curry croquettes, and mochi.

check this out... it's still in progress but it's kinda fun. you can view photos of will and i, sign the guestbook, and eventually rsvp for the reception, shower, etc. it says we have 111 days left until our wedding (october 10th)!! so far we've booked my bridal hair/makeup and our catering, photography, temple, reception location, and HONEYMOON! we're going to aruba, the bottom of the carribbean, which is practically south america. after planning a wedding i think we definitely will have earned a vacation :)

tako? iie.

i took the job at octopus and worked for one night.
no shame here - i quit tonight because of many reasons -
the staff doesn't let you have breaks, the pay is actually about
half of what the manager told me it would be,
no one knew i was coming in on my first day,
they don't communicate to me anything about shifts, etc.
shady shady shady!

so i am happy i tried it and happy i ended it.
it's not worth my time.
in 2 months i'll be working full-time making twice what i make working on campus,
and 3x what i was going to be making at octopus. :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

i'm only 25% asian.

i have been fairly obsessed with japanese culture for almost half my life now.
will has been nice enough to let me have a japanese-themed wedding reception...
i've been doing some mochi research too and am really excited.
i love desserts...and japanese desserts...
mochi ice cream was created by mikawaya.
if you're japanese you know this company.
they make all sorts of japanese treats.
mochi ice cream has only been available in grocery stores for about 15 years now.
mochilato is the retail outlet for mikawaya.
there is one in irvine and surprise!
a brand new location in fullerton just down the street from me.
i noticed it a few weeks ago, and even drove by to see if it was open,
but why i haven't been there yet, or haven't been eating there everyday,
is a mystery to me. so let's go!! SOON!
by the way i got hired at octopus restaurant on birch st. (japanese fusion)
and might be taking the job which is very exciting...i get to hang out with japanese chefs, finally!