Saturday, June 7, 2008

i'm only 25% asian.

i have been fairly obsessed with japanese culture for almost half my life now.
will has been nice enough to let me have a japanese-themed wedding reception...
i've been doing some mochi research too and am really excited.
i love desserts...and japanese desserts...
mochi ice cream was created by mikawaya.
if you're japanese you know this company.
they make all sorts of japanese treats.
mochi ice cream has only been available in grocery stores for about 15 years now.
mochilato is the retail outlet for mikawaya.
there is one in irvine and surprise!
a brand new location in fullerton just down the street from me.
i noticed it a few weeks ago, and even drove by to see if it was open,
but why i haven't been there yet, or haven't been eating there everyday,
is a mystery to me. so let's go!! SOON!
by the way i got hired at octopus restaurant on birch st. (japanese fusion)
and might be taking the job which is very exciting...i get to hang out with japanese chefs, finally!


  1. Thanks for reminding me how wonderful mochi is. . . I think I'll go get some tomorrow! I love that you are getting to have a Japanese themed wedding and that you will mos-def be serving the dopest mochi ever! I have been hoping that there would be good mochi back in the states. So, I'm happy you are doing research, cause get this. . . . I ONLY HAVE 3 1/2 MONTHS LEFT IN JAPAN!!! That makes me sort of sad, but I'm so glad you guys came to visit! I can't wait for your wedding! Love you and miss you lots!
    And let me know if you need any help researching Japan!

  2. mochi! i loooooove! show me this place you speak of. japanese reception. so cool.

  3. We are at Birch Street all the time, let us know if you take the job and we will come in for a visit! I can't wait for your Japanese theme reception!

  4. oh i love that i found you on here!! Im so happy for you and will and i can not wait to come down for the wedding!!