Thursday, May 31, 2012

a visit from grandma.

my mom came to stay with us for a week,
while she visited her brother who is sick.

we had so much fun spending time with her.
violet loved having her grandma around.
her grandma bought her this shirt...
"it's not easy being a princess"
so true.

i don't know how the TRIPOD got violet to smile but we were stoked!

i loved having my mom with us too.
we hung out a lot, went to lunch, went shopping, and had a lot of fun.
thrifting & filling up on sweets.

plus i got so much done!

we cleaned out our garage,
and even made a space to have jam sessions.

did some sewing...
made a grocery bag holder,
and some nursing covers for gifts.
next up i'm going to make violet some leggings.
i have to, because i left all the sewing stuff out for so long now!

made tons of baby food...

and i even put my mom to work.
she scrubbed out the pans i ruined oversteaming baby food,
scrubbed all the carrot babyfood stains out of violet's bibs,
and hung up all these little flowers on violet's blackout curtains.
i bought them at an estate sale when i was still pregnant,
and have been meaning to put them up in her room.

we were spoiled to have her visit for so long.
we miss her already!


  1. where did you get those cute baby food jars?? I need them!

  2. Mom looks so cute. I'm sure she loved helping you out and playing with Violet! I too love those baby food jars and her curtains!

  3. i LOVE what you did with the crocheted flower coasters!!! so cute!

  4. Jenn! I love your nursing covers... did you use an online tutorial for them? I wanna make some! Also let's get together and make some baby leggings for our baby's legs!!