Thursday, October 4, 2012


guess what?
today violet had her first kiss.
on the lips. from a boy.
we were at the pancake house having breakfast,
and a little blond 15 month old boy came by with his grandma.
he wanted to play with v.
she started squealing at him,
so i got her out of her high chair,
and they touched each other's faces and laughed.
and then KISSED ON THE LIPS, mouth open.
it was too funny.

also, it looks like she may be getting her first tooth.
finally! she's almost 11 months old. hah.

and one more thing.
at the dentist's office, in the waiting room,
she was staring at a sweet little grandpa,
and she stood up with no help for a good 20 seconds.
i was really impressed!
she did it without realizing it though.
when we try to encourage her to do it,
she just leans on us :) lazy girl.

okay, we have been having lots of fun.
most of these are from august. old, i know.

meeting perfect little baby azure

beach days

yummy treats




love the floor where i teach.

oh man. random post i know.
so much coming up this month & next month.
shooting some weddings & lots of family photos,
our wedding anniversary, v's first birthday party,
and hoping to make v's halloween costume.
wish me luck! i totally need it right now.


  1. haha so much cuteness in one post! So funny about the kiss :) I guess its bound to happen sooner or later, especially because she is so adorable! & yay for first tooth, although I'm sure it's no fun, the whole teething thing... I mean, I'm going through it with my dog... so I can only imagine what it will be like with a baby! But yay for firsts!

    1. so far she's been okay while teething, just really clingy and whiny. kinda cute but it means i get less done! that's so cute that your pup is teething :) good luck this week!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait to see photos of your new little one.

  2. Baby bum! What a busy, busy girl!! She's looking more and more like you! I miss your house!