Monday, April 7, 2008

i'm busy...

i'm in my last semester of my master's in clinical psychology.
i have learned so much!
i have a few classes and i am still working on my thesis as well:
i graduate this may and will continue working toward my
marriage & family therapist license. i still need to accumulate
3,000 hours to get a license in order to practice on my own!!!

i'm working as a therapist at straight talk clinic,
a non-profit community mental health clinic.
i have about 12 clients right now and about half are children.
it's great to finally get to utilize all the things i've been learning
about for years as well as finally getting to take my training to
the next level with professionals who are experts in the field.
there is a lot to learn that you could never learn in a classroom or from a book.
this is a photo of us interns in the therapist lounge.

i'm also working as a psychology academic advisor on campus.
i've been there since i started my master's, almost 2 years now.
it's nice to have my own office on campus to keep my books and articles in,
and when i'm not helping students i can work on my thesis.
i'm super grateful for this opportunity because it is really great
experience to add to my resume, and rewarding too.
this summer i will train a new advisor and move on.

this summer i will start a new therapist position.
i'm excited to work in many different environments with many different populations
and there is a lot of flexibility in this field. i also want to start teaching part-time at a
community college or university. i'm almost finished earning a certificate towards
teaching at the college-level and i am doing a lot of guest lectures to get experience....
things are moving along!!

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